How to Get Brides’ Eyes on Your eBrochure

Every client who produces an event brochure with Hawthorn also receives a digital eBrochure as a part of the package. But how powerful the digital marketing tool is depends on how you use it.

When you work with Hawthorn to develop an event brochure, you get a beautiful, well-crafted publication that brides and grooms can take with them at the end of a site visit. In addition, every event brochure client also gets that publication in ePub format, allowing you to engage with couples digitally. Some of our clients have let the eBrochure get lost in a dusty corner, while others have used it as the cornerstone for their digital marketing efforts – on their websites, in their email correspondence with couples, and in their social media postings. Here, we go a step further than these core distribution channels to highlight the particular tactics and ways you can best put your Hawthorn eBrochure to use.

Skip the Text Link and Share the ePub as a Clickable Image on Your Website

It sounds basic, but don’t forget to include the link on a relevant page on your website, and provide enough context so that the visitor understands what they’re clicking and why it’s valuable. A text link is okay, but a more prominent, clickable image is what we recommend. We provide each client with a thumbnail image of the cover of the eBrochure; otherwise, you could Photoshop a good venue image with some text over it (ex: “Check out our wedding brochure”) to more effectively entice visitors to click. Time and time again, clients tell us that image links like this convert better than a simple text link to the ePub.

Your Email Signature Is Ad Space – Use It

Our email signatures can serve up what are essentially ad impressions to recipients. If your position is solely focused on wedding and corporate event business for your organization, the ePublication is a great, helpful link to include in your signature. In this instance, we recommend using the thumbnail of the cover image that we provide to each client.

Broadcast Your ePub Semi-Regularly on Social Media

The social media strategy for your venue is primarily geared toward inspiring future brides and grooms, but posting the eBrochure from time to time can also make it informative (in addition to inspiring). A link to the eBrochure is a pretty package to capture that casual interest on social media and convert it into a site visit. But you may be asking, “you expect us to post the same link with the same image multiple times?” No, we’d never suggest that. Check out below…

Tease to Specific Pages within the eBrochure

There’s a simple way for you to get unique urls for each page within your eBrochure. This functionality then translates into potential uses across all your distribution outlets: share different spreads from the eBrochure as a part of your social media postings; highlight various aspects of your event spaces in email campaigns or personal emails correspondence with couples; make clickable images on your website to different sections of the eBrochure (ex: floor plans if your website doesn’t have a page where that’s naturally presented).

Share Passages of the eBrochure Natively to Social Media

To share a part of the ePub natively to social (i.e. an image will show up in followers’ Facebook or LinkedIn or Instagram feeds, rather than just a link to the brochure), as you’re not sure they’re going to click the link, just screenshot whatever passage or image you want to highlight, and then link to the full ePub in the post. Visitors will value the ability to consume the content right in-feed, and you may catch the eyes of some who would otherwise just scroll past a regular link.

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