Medical Aesthetic Solution: Product Marketing for Medical Aesthetic Suppliers

Why your clients need a solid marketing strategy that pairs with your product


ike most practices, your clients likely lack the bandwidth to execute an in-house marketing plan that effectively creates interest and educates their own clients about your unique product and technology. So what if you could simply hand them all the marketing essentials they need to engage and educate their consumer as part of your product package? They’d be instantly equipped to sell more treatments utilizing your device or technology – in a much more eloquent fashion. And not only does this approach make buying your product more of a worthy investment for them, it also helps to earn their repeat business as you add more inventory or newer models to your own line.

From content creation and email marketing to paid google ads, we deliver the custom solutions that medical aesthetic suppliers need, in order to help practices educate their customers, empower purchasing decisions, and increase sales.


Content Marketing

Most practices rely on upselling already-existing customers once they’ve arrived for their treatment, which can make them feel like they’re being “sold on the spot.” Content marketing – in the form of monthly blog posts, email campaigns, and social media assets provided by Hawthorn’s team of writers and designers – can solve this awkward problem and boost sales for your clients around your particular product.

Paid Google
Ad Campaigns

While SEO is a long-term game to move websites up in the ranks, paid Google campaigns advertising your product will rocket your client’s website to the top of page-one search results, streamlining their consumers’ paths to conversion. Pair this with a low-cost, high-impact retargeting campaign, and you can also promise them new customers through Google search each and every month.

Content Hub
with Booking Page

All this content creation can do double duty when it lives on your website, too. We’ll create and manage a centralized content hub, in conjunction with a booking page, so when consumers are researching a certain product or treatment and begin their education through content on your website, they can directly book a consultation appointment with one of your clients near them to learn more.

Training Materials

In addition to creating the print collateral your clients need to connect with their customers on-site, we’ll also develop the training materials needed to assist with your client’s own education of the product to their entire staff, including everything from video series built around your product’s fundamentals, technology and technique overview, patient demonstrations, and more.

Make product marketing easy for your clients

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