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Tap into a winning formula for your marketing goals

Raising a glass – whether it’s a flute of champagne, a pint of ale, or scotch on the rocks – has long been a treasured part of all types of shared moments and celebrations. Who doesn’t remember the emotional toasts at their wedding, the signature cocktails that kicked off that perfect dinner party, the wine country weekend with their best friends? The truth is, you serve up so much more than a tasty libation to your customers. You contribute to creating experiences they anticipate and savor. The trick is in knowing how to market your brand experience to captivate consumers and earn their loyal business.

That’s where we step in. We’ll pull your brand story together in an authentic, meaningful way and build a marketing strategy to reach your target audience and spark a connection. Whatever your focus – loyalty clubs, tasting rooms, events, private tastings, e-commerce, or all of the above – our marketing strategists and creative specialists will help craft the perfect blend of digital and print marketing to drive your business and spread more cheer with your customers.

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“Hawthorn created the most stunning new website for us. Our Google Analytics proves that the redesign was more than worth the investment.”

– Lauren Middledorf, Bluemont Vineyard


Brand & Digital Strategies
for Awareness

To stand out in a rapidly growing field of players, it’s essential to have branding and collateral that makes a great first impression and solid top-of-funnel social and search marketing strategies. We can help you reach wine, beer, and spirit enthusiasts through intelligent messaging, creative visuals, and compelling offers.

Powerful, Optimized
Content & Website

As the hub of your marketing, your website is front and center at every stage of your customer’s journey. We’re making our mark in the wine & spirits world with our ability to capture each client’s unique story with just the right imagery and storytelling and serve it up in an eye-catching website, optimized for search.

Collateral & Emails
That Connect

When it comes to putting your best foot forward in your tasting room and on the shelf, polished and beautiful collateral matters. From brochures to labels (and everything in between), our design team has you covered. And with our strategic, eye-catching emails, you’ll have the tools you need to keep in touch with prospects and customers.

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