Why We Love These 3 Social Media Campaigns


hen a hotel’s social media campaign is good, it makes you want to keep scrolling for more. You want more pictures, more videos, more information – more of everything that resort has to offer. For hotel owners, a loyal online audience is a worthy goal, especially in this area of sharing, reposting, and reviews. Why? Because fans of a particular location bring authenticity without even trying, and their words are as valuable as any paid campaign (without the initial investment).

With that in mind, here’s a look at some of our favorite hotel and resort campaigns that are making their way around social media right now, from large name brands to boutique locations you may never have heard of. Which one is your favorite?

RIU Hotels

What: An international chain of hotels and resorts with approximately 100 locations across 19 countries
Website: https://www.riu.com/en/home.jsp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Riuhoteles
Insta/TikTok: @riuhotels

Why We Love It:

RIU uses social media to show you that no matter where you go in the world, you can find sunny skies and relaxation. On Instagram, images are focused on sun-kissed beaches, clear waters, sparkling pools, and the ultimate in relaxation everywhere you go. The company highlights trends and holidays, including its recent Valentine’s Day–inspired “Love At First Sight” post, featuring scenes of happy couples discovering “the most romantic destinations in the world.”

We especially like their Insta Stories section called “Play With Us,” which invites followers to interact via polls, quizzes, and questions.

RIU’s Facebook page is the place to enter contests and giveaways (and they give away big!) and to learn about new properties and other promotions. They even have a large following on LinkedIn, where they focus on careers with the company and the benefits of working in the hospitality industry.

Over on TikTok, RIU takes advantage of the channel’s penchant for trends, including a towel-folding challenge and user-generated content that’s updated each month. One of our favorite videos is a happy, sentimental end-of-year post thanking travelers for venturing out again in 2022.


Kayus Busteni Boutique Hotel

What: A small, niche hotel in Romania with a serious sense of humor
Website: https://kayus.ro
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KayusBusteni
Insta/TikTok: @kayusbusteni

Why We Love It:

The Kayus Busteni is a small, exclusive boutique hotel in Busteni, Romania, that understands the power of using social media to let its personality shine through. While their website is refined, modern in design, and focused on a luxury dining and lodging experience, their TikTok page is humorous, trendy, and has garnered millions of likes per video.

The hotel’s social campaigns are fronted by a handsome, fun-loving spokesman whom you’ll find doing everything from throwing around giant stacks of cash to dancing with a giant teddy bear while a guest musician plays the saxophone.

This might sound random, but taken as a whole the posts are engaging and intriguing. We can’t wait to see what he gets up to next.

The same host serves as the face of the hotel over on Instagram too; however, the images and videos there tend to feature more behind-the-scenes footage, like the (heart-stopping) views from inside the hotel’s rooms to what goes on in the kitchen while the chefs prepare world-class cuisine.


Marriott Bonvoy

What: The world-famous loyalty program for Marriott Hotels
Website: http://www.marriott.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marriottbonvoy
Insta/TikTok: @marriottbonvoy

Why We Love It:

Marriott Bonvoy has perfected the art of crafting an irresistible loyalty program. All across its social channels, as well as its website, you’ll find the perks that come with being a Bonvoy member.

On TikTok, Bonvoy is leading the way with influencer programs. The company has hired three famous TikTok creators to travel all over the world and document their experiences as part of Marriott and the Bonvoy program (how do we get that gig?). The influencers share content like traditional property walk-throughs, travel how-tos, and local adventures, but they also take time out to engage with the fun trends and challenges that make the app so popular.

Bonvoy’s Facebook account employs more traditional social media marketing, including ad-based posts with CTAs, destination features, and some seasonal information sprinkled in.

But the real gem of this campaign is its Instagram channel, which features a wealth of content that covers everything you could possibly want to know about the program. Its feed and reels offer a look behind the scenes of what it’s like to be a member and highlights perks like meeting celebrities, scoring concert tickets, and being invited to exclusive parties.

They also use creative storytelling to tout other, more practical perks like excellent customer service, and increase user engagement with timely quizzes like “What’s your travel love language?” with property recommendations based on your answers.

We’ll be honest – we’re sold. Sign us up, Bonvoy.



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