The Beginner’s 10-Step Guide to Google Analytics and Tracking Website Conversions

With less than 10 percent of an average website’s traffic converting to sales leads, use this quick and easy guide to setting up your site to capture every opportunity that comes your way.


  • Create a new Google Analytics account or log in to your old one. Here’s a quick guide to setting up an account.
  • If you’re setting up Analytics for the first time, wait a week and then check your traffic in the Audience tab. Otherwise, look at your last month.
  • Allow at least one month, and preferably three to six months, to see how your traffic is trending.
  • Open the Acquisition tab, and determine how much of your traffic is coming from search, referrals, social media, and emails.
  • Make use of the Behaviors page to understand which pages on your site are popular and how users move around your website.
  • Based on these actions, make a list of trouble spots on your site. Which pages have low time on your site? Which pages feature a 90% bounce rate? Is your Contact page actually driving leads to your inbox? Once you’ve determined that, mark those pages for action. Qualaroo has 11 common fixes for poorly performing pages you’ll want to bookmark.
  • Ensure every page on your website has a pop-up chat window, a form, or a call to action button that leads directly to a contact opportunity. If prospects are ready to take action and reach out, make it easy for them.
  • Set up path markers in Analytics to better understand how visitors are moving from page to page and ultimately converting. This will help you understand which pages drive action.
  • Set up Conversion Goals in Analytics, and assign dollar values for actions like filling out a form or emailing you directly. This will give you an important (if unscientific) glimpse into the value your website is delivering for your business.
  • Revisit Analytics every month, follow the steps above to check on your site’s performance, and take action to improve underperforming pages.

Using Analytics to boost conversions takes time, so don’t expect an immediate 5% spike. But set these tools up, continue to monitor them periodically, and make adjustments to your site accordingly, and that small time investment will start to show dividends.

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