How to Tell If Your Website Is Stuck In The Past

How do you know if your website is so hopelessly out of date that it sends prospects fleeing? Our four-point guide (and suggested fixes) will give you insight.

You Are Link Farming

Remember a decade ago when the best way to build traffic was to link out aggressively? Today, that’s no longer the case, and now your website is a wall of blue, underlined text taking you to pages that are either old or defunct. Forget being found in search, because Google’s crawlers tiptoe past your site like it has a contagious disease.

The Fix 
Only link when there’s a good reason to do so – a mention of a relevant article, a business you work closely with, etcetera – and clean up any and all links that go to defunct or spammy pages. Don’t link to internal pages unless they’re relevant to the content on the page, either.

Your Content Never Changes

You still have a site description that contains the words “in 2010.” Your blog hasn’t been updated in two years. Your copy alludes to products and services that you haven’t even worked with in years and employees who left in 2009. You weirdly have a joke about the 2008 election gracing your website.

The Fix 

One always-valuable website tip: Replace text that is obviously dated. Updating the content will go a long way, and if you need help consistently updating your blog for more online reach, that’s what we do.

Your Navigation Is Bewildering

It used to be that poor site navigation was not all that damaging and could even represent a sneaky way to keep prospects on the page longer, but now potential customers will take one look at your Russian nesting doll–style menu options that go nowhere in particular and leave. You don’t need a million pages with just one paragraph of text on them, and you customers will appreciate being able to find everything they need with no more than five to ten menu options.

The Fix 
Condense the menu, roll stand-alone pages with very little content into existing pages, and make it obvious what your prospects are clicking on at all times. It may help to sketch out a flowchart or wireframe of your menu on a sheet of paper to see how the navigation may go.

You Have Spinning Graphics and Music Playing

Somehow, you have hibernated through these last 15 years, and your site isn’t particularly pleasant for the eyes or the ears, with auto-playing music and bright, moving graphics set against a bone-white background. You may even be using neon pink or blue and Comic Sans font. If so, give your customers a hearty thanks for enduring your website’s tribute to bygone days.

The Fix 
No half measures here. It’s time for a brand-new website, friend.


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