Noble House Finds the Intersection of Entertaining and Marketing


There is an art to entertaining guests, an art that Riviera Palm Springs has perfected since opening in 1958 and serving as the West Coast hangout for the Rat Pack and Hollywood stars.

Who better, then, to show those who would entertain at home the ropes? That’s the beauty of the “Art of Entertaining” spread in the one edition of Noble House Magazine, which breaks down best practices for entertaining and impressing your friends, family, and coworkers.

Kristen Burgess coordinated the shoot for Hawthorn Creative, which produces Noble House’s vivid magazine each year. She said the idea for the piece sprang out of a noticeable increase in the number of people nationwide throwing cocktail parties, dinner parties, and other events in the comfort of their own homes. Statista suggests that about 75% of households with a combined income over $100,000 in the United States entertained from home in 2013.

At the heart of the piece is a guide to building a dinner party from the ground up. Burgess and the talented photographers at Cuckoo’s Nest West deconstructed cocktails, showcased tablescapes larded with food and spirits, shot the creation of an attractive and delicious cheese plate, and featured simple, elegant recipes, including fresh tuna tacos and a kale caesar salad.

Rife with lush photography from Jake Repko and Haliee Fleming, the “Art of Entertaining” serves as both effective marketing for the hotel and a genuinely useful piece of content for those who want to entertain in their own homes. With guests increasingly seeking out content that is useful and relevant instead of purely promotional, hotels have the opportunity to simultaneously showcase their properties and give readers ideas they can use well after they’ve left the hotel behind.

“They really have something that’s all their own,” Burgess said of the Riviera Palm Springs shoot. “From a reader perspective, if I picked up the magazine, I’d be extremely intrigued by it. I’d definitely want to visit, and I’d also be like, ‘Wow, what an informative piece.'”

In addition to the piece, Noble House was able to take advantage of having Burgess and Cuckoo’s Nest West on their property by shooting. As we’ve noted in the past, having eye-catching photography is one of the keys to marketing your hotel or venue effectively, so the opportunity to bolster an in-house library of images is one every director of marketing should take.

Look for the “Art of Entertaining” feature in the 2015 edition of Noble House Magazine

All photos © Cuckoo’s Nest West

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