Magic Tricks: Content Marketing Tools to Up Your Game

Producing and regularly publishing “10x” content is intense. We’ve rounded up 10 content writing tools guaranteed to make your life easier.

Competing for the attention of guests and visitors can feel like a desperate uphill slog in the content marketing battle. In order to capture and keep eyes on your content, your headline needs to be flawless, your copy must be straightforward, and your topic has to be of immediate value to your reader. You also need captivating visuals and impeccable grammar. For DOMs at hotels who struggle to execute their own content marketing strategy and don’t have a creative agency producing their content, that can feel like an impossibly tall order. But with these content writing tips and tricks, we bet you’ll have the first draft of your next blog post in no time flat.


  • Answer the Public – This is one of the favorite writing tools of Hawthorn writers who find themselves stuck. If you enter “what to do in Bermuda” in the box, you’ll get a visual representation of 94 questions based on the auto suggest results from Google and Bing. Essentially, you now have 94 blog post ideas that will be valuable to travelers researching Bermuda. Not bad for 10 seconds of effort.
  • Hubspot’s Blog Post Title Generator – Any time you feel like tearing out your hair rather than coming up with another blog post topic, head over to Hubspot’s latest content marketing tool, the Blog Post Title Generator. As long as you can come up with three nouns, Hubspot will hand you five blog post topics.
  • Portent’s Content Idea Generator – Another great content topic generator, Portent’s version is engaging, tongue-in-cheek, and, despite their cheeky humor, surprisingly spot on. If your brand identity and voice are on the irreverent side, this is a great tool to come up with some quirky content topics.
  • Quora – Since Quora is a tool for people looking for answers, it’s a great mechanism to find out exactly which solutions you can provide for readers. By searching around to see which topics and questions are popular, you’ll begin to get a sense of the content topics you should be adding to your editorial calendar. Lucky for those in the hospitality industry, travel is a hot topic on Quora.
  • BuzzSumo – Have you ever been curious about how many shares that post you’re thinking about writing might get? BuzzSumo will spell out exactly how many times an already-published piece of content on the same topic has been shared via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.



  • Canva – Creating great copy is one thing, but you’ll also need compelling images to pair with it. Layering the right words over that perfect image is the best of both worlds, creating a visual that will increase engagement when you share your content socially. Canva helps create A-level graphics for your digital content marketing with drag and drop tools to make the process easy for almost anyone, so put those gorgeous photos of your hotel to work on social media.
  • Work – We know that infographics seem intimidating to create. But, if you want to increase the attention span and recall of your readers by 82%, adding a color via an infographic is the way to go. If that idea terrifies you, fear not. Enter a noun into Klock.Work, and it will spit out suggestions for the exact type and name of the infographic you should build to engage your niche. This content marketing tool is powered by Venngage, where you can create slick infographics for free. Bonus: Social media platforms prioritize infographics the same way they do images and video. A crisp infographic on the “28 Ways to Fit a Weekend Getaway into Your Busy Schedule” will amp up your post by leaps and bounds, increasing the engagement and conversion.



  • Grammarly – Anyone who considers themselves (err, rather we should say “him or herself”) a grammar nerd already knows about the writing tips and tricks found on the Grammarly blog, but you can also add a Grammarly extension to Chrome, MS Office, and Apple’s OS, which is like having an editor, proofreader, and plagiarism-checker reading over your shoulder at all times. That might feel intimidating, but it will work wonders for your content writing.
  • WordRake – This writing tool promises to “tighten, tone, and clarify your writing,” by removing unnecessary words and phrases, as well as improving the sentences that need clarification. When your property is as gorgeous as we know it is, it can be hard to cut out the flowery adjectives, but for the sake of your readers, enlist WordRake to help.
  • OneLook Reverse Dictionary – Say good-bye to that crushing moment where a word is on the tip of your tongue but just won’t emerge. Enter a phrase, related word, category, or definition into OneLook and behold the power of the reverse dictionary. Still not seeing it? Add one of the filters, such as “starts with,” “rhymes with,” “sounds like,” even “also related to,” which recognizes that when you search for “large” in the context of “ocean,” you might be looking for a word like “vast.”

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