How to Stay Relevant with Couples Who Haven’t Rescheduled Their Wedding Date Yet

How to Stay Relevant with Couples Who Haven’t Rescheduled Their Wedding Date Yet

Couples with scheduled weddings had it rough in 2020. And while majority of them – even after the heartbreak of postponing after all that planning – have long re-booked their wedding dates with venues in 2021 or opted the quick-hitch courthouse or virtual marriage route, there is still likely a segment of stagnant folks in your client list. They might be those couples still set on hosting a big bash when everything finally blows over. They might be those couples heeding warnings about ultimately needing to postpone again in 2021. And they might be those couples who now have other, bigger things to worry about in comparison to what boils down to be a one-day event.

Whatever their reasoning may be, if a client hasn’t rescheduled their date yet, here are a handful of touchpoints to help your venue stay relevant so that when they are ready to finally reschedule their date, it’s definitely still with you.

Leverage Nostalgic Dates to Show You’re Sincerely Thinking of Them

By now, their originally-scheduled-but-now-postponed wedding date has probably come and gone. If you were able, you used this date as a time to touch base and let them know you were thinking of them with a memento, card, or even just a personal email. So even if you missed out on this first milestone, you still have the opportunity to send something on what should have been their six-month anniversary. Or better yet, on the anniversary of the date they got engaged (if you have that information). Sure, it can smack a little bit of those one-size-fits-all holiday cards you get from the dentist, but if it hits all the high notes of sincere, hopeful, and maybe even a little funny (cue the hundreds of tongue-in-cheek “2020 sucks” memes for inspiration), it can go a long way. At the very least, it demonstrates empathy, but it can also rekindle the relationship between the couple and your venue.

Position it as You Want to Ensure Them “Wedding Date Dibs”

Yes, this is a classic sales tactic, but it’s a very real risk they run if they wait too long to re-book. Because once things begin to approach “normal” again, the floodgates will really open and you’ll be inundated with new wedding inquiries. If they don’t seem to have a sense of urgency when it comes to rescheduling at all, this is a good approach to use when you are checking in with them, whether via phone, email, or, if they’re that unresponsive, carrier pigeon (just kidding…kinda).


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Stay top-of-mind with couples who haven’t rescheduled their wedding date.

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Share the Advantages of a Micro-Wedding

A focus on safety may be the underlying aim of a micro-wedding, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be as creative or memorable as a bigger bash – especially to couples that might be opting to hold out on when bigger bashes are back in style. So your ultimate place to prove that to them: your blog, pushed out in targeted email campaigns. Not only does this kind of content equip your clients with how to get creative with a micro- or socially distant wedding, but it also shows how it can be done beautifully at your venue. Not sure what to post? Check out our post, Blog Content Ideas – that Couples will Actually Value – to Push Micro Weddings at Your Venue, for topics you may not have even thought of yourself.

Use Examples of How Your Venue Has Been Able to Flex & Add Value for Other Couples

Using real-life examples from your recently hosted weddings is another great way to demonstrate your mastery in all things new on the nuptial front in the age of COVID. For example, perhaps you were able to help one couple set up a live feed thanks to a local videographer partner so that the oldest members who could not attend could still be there to witness the action. Or perhaps you came up with a totally new way to use one of your function spaces in a creative and not something-you-typical-offer way. Or maybe you were able to create a custom payment plan. While you might not offer all these services or features for your typical clients, if it’s a hard re-sell, you might as well pull out the big guns.


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But Be Careful to Not Overdo it

If you have issued refunds in full or mostly in full with the postponed couple already and they aren’t being motivated by some sort of contract, keep all the above touchpoints in your tool bag for sure. However, it can be like having to make a sale all over again, so you don’t want to overdo it and potentially run the risk of turning them off entirely (after all, COVID has caused many people to re-evaluate their priorities in life). Just try things here and there and trust the process. After all, they said, “I do” to your venue once before.


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