Top 5 Hospitality Marketing Videos

It’s not enough to show hero shots of your beautiful rooms and destination vistas. Here are our picks on some of the best video marketing within the hospitality industry to date.

As the body of research on video marketing grows, it’s increasingly difficult to deny the appeal of the format, especially in hotel marketing. Even despite last week’s revelation that Facebook has been grossly distorting reports on the performance of video on its platform (now dubbed “Facebook’s Video Inflate-gate”), video remains a powerful vehicle for hospitality marketing.

According to a Cisco study, 82 percent of all Internet traffic will come from video by 2020. Not only are web users watching more video, but they’re also taking action based on those videos – after watching a video, consumers are 85 percent more likely to make a purchase. With the introduction of 360-degree video (not to mention virtual reality), the opportunity to create an immersive preview of a destination is easier than ever – just look at Tourism Australia’s simple but seriously effective 360-degree video series.

But – and this is a pretty massive “but” – pushing out a video to stay up with the Joneses in the hospitality industry isn’t as simple as showing off your pretty pool and lapping shores. Truly noteworthy, remarkable video marketing requires strong storyline concepting and a distribution strategy that’s as creative as the creative itself. We’ve combed through the good, the bad, and the ugly to show you that it is, in fact, possible to produce a hospitality marketing video that’s engaging, entertaining, and promotional. Drumroll, please…

Hawthorn Creative’s Top 5 Hospitality Marketing Videos:

1.) Quesar Expeditions’ Galapagos Travel Video

Why We Love It There are few marketing videos that can capture viewers in the first eight seconds AND hold them for a full two minutes and 53 seconds. Produced in partnership with production house Gnarly Bay, this magnificent blend of narrative storytelling and impeccable video does it beautifully. The voiceover is perfectly timed with the shots, the images are rich and saturated, the pacing is flawless.

2.) Soho House’s “This is Soho House”

Why We Love It A video on the internal culture of a brand could have gone so, so wrong – boring, irrelevant, unwatchable. Or you can take a different approach and nail it, like Soho House did with this video driven by its internal career opportunities. And yet, this is brand awareness at its very best. From the storyline to the music to the progression, the entire video tells the story of the Soho House brand and also made us want to hop a flight across the pond and stay for a week.

3.) Basel Tourismus’s Pokemon Go Revenge video

Why We Love It Sometimes, the difference between perfection and flop is in speed of execution. Sure, this isn’t the highest quality footage, but Basel Tourismus acted at light speed to hop on the global frenzy around Pokemon Go – and it paid off handsomely. In 24 hours, the video racked up 49 million views on Facebook and 225,000 views on YouTube. For a Swiss city known primarily as the namesake for the Art Basel festival, that’s nothing short of astonishing. Their goal of attracting more young travelers to the city was bolstered by the scenic shots, and the playful culture was implied with how well the Pokemon’s victims responded.

4.) Virgin Atlantic’s Safety Video

Why We Love It Air travel is more the means to the end in the hospitality industry, but we couldn’t pass over this creative approach to the expected. Once a brand drops the constraints of the cliché, anyone can come up with a groundbreaking new way to present ordinary information. That goes for airline safety instructions – but also hotels looking to entice new guests.

5.)’s “Interpreter” video for social

Why We Love It absolutely owned Facebook’s muted autoplay with this video. Capitalizing on all of those who sneak in a little Facebook time while on the clock, the brand knew the sound would likely be silenced and made it a feature point of the video. Humor is a hallmark of the brand’s messaging and this video proves it’s a winning strategy.

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