How to Book More Friday and Sunday Weddings

Friday and Sunday weddings are increasingly popular. Here’s how smart wedding marketing can land you those off-peak wedding bookings.

How can your venue book more Friday and Sunday weddings? No, it’s not just in offering deep discounts to fill your booking calendar. In fact, with couples continuing to search for ways for their day to stand out from the crowd, weddings on non-peak days are becoming fashionable enough that some venues are dropping the discount rate for a Friday wedding, especially during peak wedding season.

So how can your venue catch the trend? And perfect the beautiful thing that is more weddings per week, instead of running out of room on your calendar? We’ve rounded up six tips and tricks to position your venue perfectly to capture the attention of a prospective bride.

Reposition a Friday or Sunday Wedding as a Bold, Deliberate Alternative

Brides want their weddings to be memorable, distinctive, and unique – so challenge that “bargain wedding” trope, and do the work to reposition the concept for your bride. Position a Friday wedding as an opportunity to host a sophisticated evening cocktail party wedding for a bride who’s not into the traditional bells and whistles of a Saturday affair. A Friday wedding also gives the couple the chance to spend a day relaxing with family after the stress and chaos of the wedding is over – and then depart for a honeymoon on Sunday.

A Sunday brunch wedding, on the other hand, is a fantastic choice for brides who may not want to have the typical evening affair. Though many wedding guests love to cut loose at a Friday- or Sunday-night wedding, if your bride wants to have a more reserved (read: sober) wedding, Sunday morning or midday would be just the ticket. Or maybe your bride has a love affair with a good Sunday brunch, in which case mimosas, Bloody Marys, eggs Benedict, and a classy jazz band setting the tone would be a distinctive way to have a memorable, personalized wedding. For a high-end bride, a Sunday wedding might be the grand finale to a weekend of wedding festivities.

Produce Friday/Sunday Wedding Marketing Content

Even though Friday and Sunday weddings are becoming increasingly frequent and fashionable, some brides will wrestle with stepping outside the box of tradition. Help them by tailoring content toward answering questions and calming anxieties. For example, a guide on how to handle explanations to family members about why a Friday or Sunday wedding date was chosen. If a bride is considering a Friday or Sunday wedding, chances are she’s researching how to do it well, which is why you should be producing content that conveys why your venue and destination makes for the perfect setting for a Friday or Sunday wedding. For example, a venue in Greenwich, Connecticut, could make a compelling case for a chic, cosmopolitan Friday-night cocktail party wedding just an hour outside of the city. For the high-end bride we mentioned earlier, a list of all the activities and events that make your destination perfect for a weekend-long celebration with family and friends will help your bride plan a 48-hour itinerary culminating with a Sunday wedding.

Whether your content lives on your blog, on a landing page on your website, or in your print marketing materials, strategic content marketing will help you forge a connection with your prospective bride. Be sure that tailored content gets included the package you hand to your bride or even a standalone brochure for brides who express an interest in a Friday or Sunday wedding.

Promote Friday/Sunday Weddings through Authentic Vignettes from Real Brides

Just because the day of the week changes, the fact remains that your best marketing is the brides you already have. Gather their stories and photos to paint a picture of how perfect your prospective bride’s Friday or Sunday wedding could be at your venue. Obviously, the key here is to focus on some of the ways that the day of week truly made their event special, so that it doesn’t blend in with other real weddings or testimonials you have from Saturday brides.

Market Friday and Sunday Weddings Around Big Weekend Events

Piggybacking a wedding with another event may not have occurred to your bride, but with the right marketing footwork, it will. So look into area events that fall on Saturdays or span the whole weekend. Maybe there’s a big farm-to-table festival – for the epicurean couple, nothing could be more perfect to frame their wedding weekend around. If you’re a venue near a college, use sporting events like home football games (and homecoming) to cater to couples who met at that college. If you get creative and explore the variety of events in your region, the opportunities are endless to help a couple transform their wedding weekend from “just another wedding” for their friends and family into something themed and memorable.

Create Friday and Sunday Wedding-Themed Pinterest Boards

You already know that Pinterest is the best friend of any wedding planner or venue. Make the platform work for your wedding marketing by specifically creating boards around Friday and Sunday wedding ideas so that anytime a bride uses those search terms, your boards pop up. For example, “Friday Wedding: Cocktail Chic,” “Elegant Friday Evening Weddings,” or “A Stunning Sunday Brunch Wedding.” Create a variety of scenarios, such as the chic Friday-night wedding or Sunday brunch wedding and then Pin your heart out to set the scene and plant the seed, the same way you would with themed Saturday weddings.

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