The Marketing Value of the Facebook Call to Action Button

Facebook, the most used social media network, has slyly given marketers a genuinely useful tool in the form of a call to action button, one that will direct traffic from your business page to your website, your videos or your website form.

With the 71% of adults who use Facebook, now there is a way to be directed to the page of a product they see on their newsfeed, and want to buy. You can lead customers to make an appointment, shop on your site, or send you an email; the possibilities are up to you, and the button you chose.

An Easy Way to Create Leads

This is a major opportunity for businesses. All you have to do is click on the “create call-to-action” button on your cover photo, chose the destination URL where the button will lead to, and you now have a new, free way to generate more business.

If your business is a hotel, you can add a button saying “book now” which can lead customers to your reservations page on your website, which they can then continue to book a room. Because someone seeing your link on Facebook is likely more engaged with your brand than someone coming in fresh off of a search engine, that button can be quite useful.

Choosing The Right Button

It’s all about selecting the action you want to drive, here. A Contact Us button is a strong way to get a customer interested in your company to reach out directly from an interesting Facebook post. If you want a more informed customer and you’ve got a knockout video presentation, have them Watch Video to gain a deeper appreciation for your brand that may drive action in the future.

We all know that everyone gets a little annoyed with the never-ending Facebook changes, but this one should be making marketers happy, even if the button is still pretty unobtrusive. We don’t have the numbers just yet, but this could bring home the bacon—and the guests you’re targeting.

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