Design Trends to Watch

From the colors and styling to the digital trends sure to crop up throughout hotel and destination marketing, we’ve rounded up the hottest design trends. We’ve rounded up the top elements of design we’re predicting will be hot in hotel and hospitality marketing (and beyond!) for the year ahead. From the colors and textures you’re likely to see splashed across marketing in all formats to the digital marketing trends that promise to go big this year, we’ve spelled out the trends we have our eyes on. Our designers are on standby, mouse at the ready for the digital design fest that the New Year promises to bring. Let’s dive in.

Design Trends – Color and Texture

Our designers are engrossed in all aspects of design day in and day out, but we still get excited about the visual design trends we’re seeing that we can’t wait to incorporate into client work. We’ve rounded up the design trends that will make an impact on color choices, textures, and style in hotel and destination marketing.

Jewel Tones

Emerald, amethyst, sapphire, ruby, oh my! Jewel tones are gearing up to be big again this year. Specifically, dark emerald green is a favorite among designers of all stripes – interior, graphic, website – and you’re likely to see an emerald explosion.

Rich Textures

From canvas to basket weaves to thick textiles, rich textures will prevail. Expect velvet to have a spotlight moment, too – especially juxtaposed with a modern presentation. For example, we’re predicting you’ll see modern furniture with clean lines, like a tuxedo sofa, show up in velvet.

Greenery In All Shades

Considering Pantone’s color of the year is “Greenery,” a bright, fresh, yellow-y green that signifies renewal and growth, you can almost guarantee that bright, saturated greens will emerge as a color choice frontrunner.

Handsomely Handmade

The handcrafted look, as in “having a handmade look to it,” continues to dominate. Whether it be a handwritten font, smear of paint, or raw material like wood, copper, or fabric.

A Warming Trend

After a few years of stark whites and cooler grays, things are going to warm up. Specifically, in interior design, warmer tones and materials, like terra-cotta, will be a contradiction to the austere tones that have dominated the past few years.

Design Trends – Digital

In hospitality marketing, there are countless design elements to consider. From website design to content strategy to email campaigns, here are the design trends we’re predicting will dominate in hospitality marketing. Stay on the cutting edge by incorporating them now – before the rest of the pack catches on.

GIFs (Pronunciation Debate and All)

Is it GIF with a hard g sound, like “gift,” or a soft g, like the peanut butter? Does anyone care anymore? No matter how you pronounce it, GIFs continue to grow in popularity. Now that we’ve started to see GIFs cropping up in email and Instagram campaign, as well as on Pinterest, the GIF format will likely catch on as a hip, catchy marketing mechanism that’s more engaging than copy or still photos but less demanding on time and marketing budgets than video.

Pinterest-Inspired Design

“Mood Board” design has emerged as a playful, popular style for email campaigns. As an email campaign, this look works best as an image-based design, due to the constraints of how different email clients strip coding. The result is a high-design, clickable email campaign that looks gorgeous, regardless of how your recipient is reading it.

See-Through Marketing

Transparency is the name of the game. We’ve seen it in packaging, where materials and design are displaying the product as it is with very minimal or clear packaging, but also in graphic design, where semi-transparent layers over photos are becoming a popular way to incorporate brand colors into original photography.

Be Bold

Rejoice, lovers of bright colors – the days of subtle, muted color palettes might be waning. We’re predicting a rise in bold color choices for branding, marketing materials, and websites.

Card Design

Sometimes called card or tile design, this format of website design is becoming more and more popular as users become accustomed to being able to click to browse rather than scrolling. What is card design? Think of the layout of Pinterest – each pin being a “card” of content you can click on to see more closely. On a hotel website, it looks like clickable tiles that lead to content. (We also love the parallax scrolling on the website for The Algonquin Hotel.)

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