Design Trends: Full-Color Backgrounds

Paper and screens may be two-dimensional mediums, but using color blocks and full-color backgrounds creates depth and nuance in any design.

The Trend

Rather than using complex backgrounds, designers have found success in using clean, single-color backgrounds that allow objects to pop and give those objects depth. This is, oddly enough, especially effective with fruit, as you’ll see above.

Why We Love It

Even simple text boxes stand out in vivid contrast to a one- or two-color background, and the use of two different colors creates a sharp division between two different elements of the page. Creative Manager Emily Rowley says it’s also a great way to break up or eliminate white space, which can make a page feel too empty and sterile.

How To Use It

This approach works in almost any design setting – print or digital. You can give your website a muted single-color background to make images stand out, split a rack card in two with two different colors to make your logo or preferred message seem 3-D, or just give a traditional email an on-brand backdrop. The key is to select colors that play well together – or, at least, play well with the images, text, and other design elements on any given page.

Where To Find It

Our design team has curated a Pinterest board full of colorful examples here.

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