Design Trend: Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes offer a fresh way to liven up images you’ve used before and highlight the best elements of your marketing.


Designers are replacing the familiar rectangular of photos with diamonds, triangles, and other shapes to draw focus to an area of emphasis, create negative space on a page, and turn recognizable objects and portraits into something funky and eye-catching.


Creative Manager Emily Rowley says, “The cropping can allow you to place the focus just right so you are right away telling the reader where to look,” which is much less obtrusive and more organic than a callout box or an arrow pointing to the element. There’s also the prospect of taking a very static image and creating something startling and fresh by adding some geometric line art or graphics.


It can be applied to look books, websites, and any kind of collateral that you want to make intriguing or eye-catching. Think of the images you love but you’ve used quite often that would feel anew with this treatment; or, think of images that may not be all that exciting on their own (where graphic geometric elements could come in); lastly, think of images where a typical crop doesn’t guide the reader’s eye the way this treatment could.


Our design team has curated more samples on this board.

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