Design Trend: Abstract Covers

abstract design

When you don’t have great photographs (or want something different), a well-designed cover for your marketing pieces can still command attention.


For unique designs that evoke strong emotional responses, we tend to think of striking photography. Not every business has those at hand, though. Incorporating abstract designs can be less costly and more evocative, especially in the context of video and print showpieces. Airbnb and Atlanta Botanical Garden are two very different brands taking this approach with their collateral.


We all know how powerful stunning photography can be, but by providing something incongruous and abstract, you can catch the eye of any guest and really let your fun side shine through. Nothing forces customers to rethink what they know about your brand than something completely abstract and unexpected.


You’re only limited by your imagination, creativity, and skill when working with something abstract, which means designers can create off any emotion or mood you like. Abstract designs make it much easier to create unique showpieces, as you see below for The Guggenheim Museum, that tell your brand’s story without needing much text.

abstract design


We’ve used it for years, but the recent event brochures for Loulu Palm Farms and The Terrace Club are two recent examples. You can find several additional examples on this Pinterest board, as well as below.

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