Best of the Blog: Content Marketing

We say it often: Content is a core pillar of almost every strong digital marketing strategy in the hospitality industry. Here, we recap some of our best content marketing insights.

We decided to take a look back at our favorite blog posts to share our best stories about content marketing for hotels. Whether you’re considering dipping your toes in the content marketing waters or are already rolling right along with a strategy of your own, you should find at least a couple of useful takeaways to apply from the stories we highlight here as an agency up to our elbows in content marketing every day. In other words: Here’s our take on how you can get months’ worth of content marketing intelligence in a few minutes.

Dissecting Airbnb’s Content Marketing Strategy

What’s in This Post:
The robust Airbnb marketing strategy that’s helped them achieve a $31 billion valuation places special emphasis on content. Here’s what they’re doing.

The Excerpt:
“…Guidebooks is Airbnb’s Lonely Planet or Zagat, helping you make sense of a city’s coolest things to do. But here’s the key: It all comes directly from the mouths of hosts who live there…The takeaway for hotel and DMO marketers: Done successfully, user-generated content may be the ideal form of content marketing.”

Top 5 Super Simple Blog Posts You Can Write

What’s in This Post:
Whether you’re marketing a hotel, destination, or wedding venue, you’ve heard how important content marketing is, but you think you don’t have time. Here, we outline five easy blog posts anyone can produce.

The Excerpt:
“Recurring features are posts that follow a specific format that you produce consistently. For example, every few months you could run a story about the seasonal dishes your chef came up with, such as this chef-profile series we’re producing for one of our clients. The beauty of this format is that it’s a fixture on your content calendar – it’s one less story you have to think of every week (or month or quarter) – and you, as the content marketer, simply follow the format.”

8 Ways to Harness Content in Your Hotel Marketing

What’s in This Post:
Think a blog is the only way you can put content marketing strategy at the front and center of your destination marketing? Think again – we’ll show you how.

The Excerpt:
“Examples of Where to Build Content if You Don’t have a Blog:

•Your Homepage slider – Normally, the content in a slider links to a blog post, but you could also link to unique landing pages, such as your destination guides, your restaurant’s landing page, a landing page that outlines your on-property activities, and so on.

•Explore/Activities/Discover page or pages – Anywhere you talk about what to do, where to go to eat, how to find the best outdoor adventures, where to find the best boutique shops, and how to have the best stay, that’s the right spot for this content to live.”

How Content Can Cure Your Skyrocketing Search Marketing Budgets

What’s in This Post:
As CPC rates have risen, creating quality original content has become an attractive alternative to paid search marketing in the world of SEM. Here, we explain how to develop a plan that fits the resources you have on hand.

The Excerpt:
“You can’t abandon PPC and traditional advertising completely, but you can limit your spending with an effective content strategy…It’s about “building the house” of content, then using your outbound communication tools (email campaigns, social media, partner sites, etc.) to get people to that content. When all is said and done, content can touch your guests at every point in the booking cycle.”

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