6 Ways to Generate Qualified Leads for Your MedSpa


esthetics services are showing up on a lot more wish lists these days. More and more people are looking for ways to enhance their appearance, fight the signs of aging, improve their wellness, and feel better overall. The industry is highly competitive, however, and bringing qualified leads through your doors (vs. the medspa down the street) can feel like an insurmountable challenge.

At the same time, though, not all medspas offer the same services or focus on the same outcomes. Some cater to in-office procedures, others focus on weight loss, while still others want to give customers a relaxing aesthetic experience. Here are some ways to find the perfect customers for your medspa, get them through the door, and turn them into loyal customers.

1. Understand who your ideal customer is.

If your medspa is hyper-focused on one wellness area, or geared toward the luxury market, the first step in attracting qualified leads is to find out who they are and where they hang out (both online and offline). If your research shows that they’re huge Instagram users, be sure to post lots of before and after pictures on that platform. If it’s a younger crowd who will react to trends on TikTok, get your aestheticians and doctors to participate in challenges.

The key is to relate to them in ways they understand, in the places they already are. This doesn’t happen without careful consideration and some serious homework, but without access to fancy data analytics, one way to get started is simply to ask. Create a short survey for your current and repeat clients and ask them questions about their demographics, social media preferences, offline reading sources, and community interests. You may see patterns start to emerge quickly.

2. Offer a referral program.

Word of mouth is a tremendous endorsement. If you have a client who loves your medspa so much that they tell their friends and family to visit, it’s worth a solid reward. Incentives can include free treatments, gift shop specials, or discounts on more expensive services. The key here is to be generous – a referral doesn’t just bring in a new customer, it brings back a loyal one.

In fact, recent studies have shown that referred customers are more loyal and more valuable, which means that the money you spend on a referral program is quickly recouped (and then some) by the influx of new customers. To get started with a referral program, begin with the clients you know best: your current, repeat customers. Asking them to help spread the word in return for a reward will show them that you appreciate their loyalty.

3. Design a website that’s beautiful and informational.

A smart website design does two things: It gives potential customers a realistic idea of what they can expect when they first visit, and it answers many of the questions they may have. This includes the basics, like hours, service offerings, and staff bios, and some additional information you may not have previously considered.

A big one is pricing. The “contact us for pricing” days are rapidly coming to an end, with industries across the board opting instead to be transparent up front. While it may seem that this eliminates customers you’d be able to hook once they’re in the office, consumers are saying otherwise. In fact, it’s more likely to nudge them into seeking more information from you.

Another way to add value to your website is through video. Show procedure demonstrations, ask customers to give video reviews, offer a walk-through of your spa space – anything you can do to help a potential customer feel more at ease. If you offer a number of in-office procedures, you may even want to include a “what to expect” FAQ that includes (honest!) information, like how long it takes, what it will feel like, and recovery time.

4. Give free consultations.

We understand that consultations take time, and time is still money. However, we also know of potential customers who were very interested in a procedure – until they realized they would have to pay hundreds of dollars just to find out if it was right for them. While the medspa offered to apply the consultation fee toward the cost of the service, that wouldn’t matter if they decided the procedure wasn’t the right fit for them.

5. Perfect your outbound marketing.

Sometimes it’s amazing to think that despite all the changes the marketing world has seen over the past several decades, email remains a constant. The revenue from email marketing is expected to reach $11 billion worldwide this year, which means it’s worthy of a spot at the top of your tactical list.

Email is a great way to move customers through the purchase funnel, starting with a welcome sequence that introduces them to your spa, perhaps offers a discount for first-time visitors, and encourages them to come in. Following that, you can use email to highlight specials, promote open houses, and answer questions about your spa and the services you offer.

For top-of-funnel awareness, social media channels can be extremely valuable. For example, Dr. John Wilson of AW Plastic Surgery uses Instagram to highlight before-and-after photos, offer procedure information, and give kudos to the practice’s staff. Once followers are interested, the AW website (managed by Hawthorn Creative) offers further information and opportunities to book consultations.

6. Form local partnerships.

While digital marketing is a great way to reach qualified leads, we also understand that people don’t travel great distances to visit spas – they choose among the options close to them. Advertising in local women’s magazines or chamber of commerce publications, for example, or even partnering with similar local businesses can be mutually beneficial. A nail salon, for example, might be willing to display your brochures if you display theirs.

Networking can also be a good way to find qualified leads, even if it’s indirect. If you meet a local hairdresser whose clientele list looks similar to yours, an endorsement from them can send business your way. The key is to always return the favor and make sure that you share their business as well.



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