6 Do’s and Don’ts for User-Generated Content


n a world where authenticity and connection are prized, the power of user-generated content (UGC) done right cannot be underestimated. But for luxury brands, this marketing tactic can feel like a double-edged sword. You know that it’s imperative to engage with your audience online to expand your reach, but it’s also important to protect the brand that you’ve worked so hard to craft. Is inviting the public to participate something you’re willing to risk?

We have good news. When done correctly and with proper guidance, both are possible. We put together our best tips and tricks for harnessing the potential of UGC to build a thriving community online while also staying true to your brand identity.

1. Understand the Power of User-Generated Content

UGC refers to any content, such as reviews, images, videos, or testimonials, created by consumers rather than the brand itself. When executed thoughtfully, UGC can elevate a brand’s reputation by offering authentic social proof, increasing engagement, and building a sense of community. It provides an opportunity to showcase real-life experiences and foster a genuine connection with customers – and that’s what they’re looking for. A recent study found that consumers trust “authentic, unpaid reviews from real customers more than any other type of content.” And their No. 1 preference? UGC.

2. Clearly Define Your Luxury Brand’s Identity

Before delving into UGC, it’s crucial for a luxury brand to have a well-defined identity. What values, aesthetics, and emotions does your brand evoke? What sets you apart from the competition? Understanding your brand’s essence helps ensure that UGC aligns seamlessly with your overall image. The more your customers know who you are and the type of image you portray, the more confident they will be to follow suit.

3. Craft Strict UGC Guidelines and Guardrails

Before asking your consumers to get creating on your behalf, it’s essential to establish clear guidelines for what you want (and don’t want) from your UGC. Your policies should be thorough and consistent, and cover areas like:

Aesthetic Standards
Provide guidelines on visual elements, such as photography style, color palette, and image composition. This ensures that user-generated content aligns with your brand’s visual identity.

Messaging Tone and Voice
This is one of the most important parts of your brand’s personality. Whether it’s formal, sophisticated, or casual, consistent messaging maintains brand coherence (and encourages creators to use it as well).

Quality Standards
Set expectations for content quality, from image resolution to storytelling. This ensures that UGC reflects the same level of refinement as your brand’s official content. In reality, you can’t control the internet. But if you can establish a very clear and obvious identity and personality for your brand, your customers are likely to follow your lead. After all, it’s why they love your brand in the first place.

4. Encourage Your Customers to Create

The majority of your customers aren’t going to create brand content for you just because. Once you’re ready, the next step is to encourage them to share their experiences with your products or services. It adds a personal touch to your brand and builds a sense of belonging.

One easy way to encourage participation is via a custom hashtag that you create to reflect your brand. Hashtags are enticing for content creators, and they also make the UGC easy to find on various social media channels. (Note: Be sure to do your homework on any intended hashtags to make sure they aren’t either tied to something on social media that you don’t want to be associated with or read in a way that can distract from your intention.)

Another way to generate UGC is by rewarding creators with contests and giveaways. Offer enticing rewards to incentivize participation and fuel excitement for your brand. If you choose this route, always remember the work/reward ratio and be sure that the prize you’re offering is well worth the amount of work you’re asking people to do in order to participate.

5. Curate and Showcase UGC

Once your customers start to submit content, it’s essential to do something creative and thoughtful with the posts to push them out to as many more people as possible. These content pieces serve as a testimonial and can generate up to five times more sales than paid ads, so leaving them to float out there in the ether can mean a big missed opportunity. How do you make the most of your UGC library? Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Feature UGC on Social Media
Regularly share user-generated content on your brand’s social media platforms. It not only reinforces a sense of community, but encourages others to follow suit.

Create a Dedicated UGC Gallery
Design a section on your website or app to display user-generated content. This provides a central hub for customers to explore and engage with UGC.

Collaborate with Influencers
Partner with influencers who resonate with your brand’s values. Their UGC can reach a wider audience and lend credibility to your luxury brand. If the notion of searching for the right influencer seems daunting to you, our team of social media experts can help you find the perfect partner.

6. Engage and Reward Your Community

Getting one round of UGC is great, but if you want your loyal customers to keep coming back with more, you’ll need to engage with them, say thank you early and often, and show them that their effort is worth the reward. Always ask yourself, “What’s in it for them?”

Respond and Interact
Don’t post and run – engage with users who create UGC on your behalf. Responding to comments, liking posts, and sharing UGC demonstrates your brand’s appreciation and builds a stronger connection.

Offer Exclusive Experiences
Give your top contributors opportunities to go behind the velvet rope with experiences, discounts, events, and other interactive elements. This not only rewards their loyalty, it also deepens their connection to your brand.

Show Gratitude
Publicly acknowledge and celebrate your community’s contributions. Recognize exceptional UGC creators through features or spotlights, fostering a sense of pride and belonging.

UGC Is Smart – If You Handle With Care

User-generated content can be a compelling tool for luxury brands to build a strong online community while maintaining their brand identity. With clear guidelines, encouraging meaningful UGC, and showcasing posts thoughtfully, luxury brands can create an authentic and engaging digital ecosystem that elevates their reputation and resonates with a discerning audience.

Ready to see the power of UGC for yourself? Hawthorn Creative has an expert staff of digital strategists, creatives, developers, and analysts who will help you craft, execute and monitor smart campaigns.


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