5 Simple, Effective Facebook Posts that Drive Engagement

They may not be earth-shattering, but these five simple posts will solve your Facebook posting block and give you the increased engagement you’re seeking.

Caption a Photo

It can be on-brand or off, lighthearted or serious, but just make sure the photo you choose is interesting and/or funny. The challenge to generate the best caption can bring extra engagement if you tie it to a prize – we’ve seen some clients do this successfully with a discount on a future stay, or free drink at their hotel. Don’t forget to post your favorite response a few days later for another boost.

Ask a Question

Sounds obvious, but here’s the catch: Don’t ask the obvious questions. The key is to make yours meaningful since everyone’s feeds are already full of people asking questions. Ask them what they love about your services, the best vacation they’ve ever been on, or what they’d do with their last dollar, and you’ll have an instant discussion.

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 Post a Quote

It may be an obvious category, but it’s one that still has legs for the wedding and hospitality industries since both lean heavily on sparking inspiration, travel, and your follower’s imagination. Pick an inspirational quote, try Pinwords to easily place the text on an interesting image, and we recommend posting in the first few morning hours when your audience is scrolling and enjoying their coffee.

Drive to Your Site

There’s absolutely no harm in linking to your About Us page and asking “How well do you know Hotel Insert Name?” or highlighting a service, amenity, or product that is particularly relevant for the time of year. If you have an active blog, you’ll be able to post links to your site more often without the content being stale.

Share and Promote Outside Content

Let others do the work for you by grabbing a link to another interesting Facebook post, and adding your own short comment breaking down why you found it intriguing. You won’t get traffic to your site through the link, but you will post something engaging and ensure your audience values your eye for content.

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