5 Key Millennial-Driven Hospitality Trends

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll understand the huge impact of millennials on today’s consumer-driven world of hospitality. Because millennials – those 18 to 34 year-olds – represent 20% of the world’s 940 million tourists, it is imperative that hotels continue to cater to the interests of the world’s most-connected group of people. We’ve put together five of the biggest millennial-driven trends for hotels in 2015 that are sure to continue on into 2016.

Health and Wellness Programs

The focus on living clean and healthy lifestyles has been a craze the past few decades and shows no sign of stopping. Hotels have started to implement new health and wellness programs to satisfy the needs of those looking to stay at the top of their game, even while they are away from home. For millennials who wish to keep up with their daily yoga or hour at the gym, many hotel chains such as Westin and the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts embraced desires for personal success by introducing custom wellness programs. For some hotels, simply adding healthier menu options at hotel restaurants and juice bars, along with in-room fitness programs, have helped connect guests with the hotels they stay at.

Strong Social Media Presence

Social media is a huge component of the lives of millennials today and will continue to influence the way people go about their day-to-day lives. In 2015, more hotels have begun to embrace social media platforms in ways that allow them to connect with their guests on a more personal level. With the ability to engage with customers at any time, hotels are reaping the benefits of the brand awareness and strong relationships that are the direct result of maintaining a strong presence across the Internet.

Personalized Guest Services Apps

With the rise of smartphone use among millennials – especially those who travel – service applications have become must-haves for any hotel looking to provide customers with a unique, personalized experience. In 2015, many hotels have partnered with third-party vendors to create concierge applications that provide guests with customized room service and the ability to communicate with staff on an easier and more personal level. With such guest service apps, guests can quickly access hotel information, local recommendations, in-room requests, and more directly from a smartphone. These applications are paving the way for the future of hotel services and will continue to allow hotels to provide unique experiences for each and every one of their guests.

Mobile Booking

With the desire to travel as much as possible, millennials are seizing every opportunity to leave quickly for the trip of a lifetime. As 50 percent of travelers are booking same or next-day hotels, the rise in mobile availability of hotels can be accounted for this surge in last-minute booking. Mobile hotel booking allows guests the freedom to book a room at any point in time. By making their website accessible via mobile device, hotels can ensure their brand is reaching those on the go – and providing those who may actually be in the midst of last-minute traveling with what they need to continue on their journey.

Accepting the Airbnb Trend

Some of the biggest competitors for 2015 in the world of hospitality – such as Airbnb – offer people the chance to lodge in rooms that are often located directly within the community of their choice. By renting rooms in local apartments or houses, guests can walk outside and find themselves in the middle of all the action. While this trend of on-site lodging continues to ignite interest among experience-hungry millennials, hotels are beginning to seek inspiration from some of their competitors to provide guest with similar, meaningful experiences. To enhance the feel of “living like a local,” hotels have begun redecorating and re-thinking areas of design to deliver a unique sense of space that guests will remember. Across social media, hotels have also begun to implement lists of “local recommendations” that allow guests to get first-hand experiences within the community. With the aid of concierge apps, hotels are able to provide guided maps and directories of the city and its events to emphasize all the unique qualities the city has to offer.

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