5 Apps To Keep Your Wedding Business Humming While on the Road

When it comes to event planning – especially planning for weddings – we know how difficult it is to keep track of all the finer details. But with the diverse range of technology available in the world today, why not use some of it to your best advantage? We’ve compiled a list of five of the best apps to make your life a little less stressful while planning for the biggest day of your clients’ lives.


Remember those giant binders wedding planners or frantic brides would be seen carrying around everywhere? Well, now there’s no need to bear the physical burden of hauling around multiple notebooks when you can simply access them all through one little app. With Evernote, wedding planners can store information about their clients with organized digital notebooks that are synced across all platforms. Create tags within the notebooks to easily search for terms among your notes, scan handwritten pages with diagrams, craft to-do lists, clip web pages or pictures with inspiration, and so much more. With this app, you can stay focused on the job at hand and have access to all of your information about each and every client while on the go.


As a wedding photographer, it’s common to be constantly on the road and away from the office. But that doesn’t mean your portfolio and library of images should stay behind. With CarouselDropbox’s gallery app – you can back up, manage, and share photos from any location. The cloud-based storage system organizes images into folders and includes a tool to view photos organized by a timeline, which makes it particularly easy to use. Plus, the app allows for private sharing of hundreds of full-resolution photos, which can come in handy when dealing with deadlines.


Need to carry around and easily access larger volumes of text, such as manuals, magazines, or large books? The GoodReader app has got you covered. This PDF viewer allows you to read anything, anywhere. With options to annotate, edit, and sign PDF documents, GoodReader is a powerful app to get your documents organized and prepared for meetings with vendors and clients all over the world.


While working on a team or with groups of individuals, communication is highly important. And when it comes to planning for weddings, it is necessary to be able to update everyone involved with the last-minute details the moment things change. With GroupMe, wedding planners – and even the bride and groom – can set up groups of people in order to mass communicate on a larger scale. For important changes, like a change in schedule, planners can simply opt to send a heads-up message to those directly involved without having to take the time to craft individual messages.


Writing checks is now a thing of the past with Venmo. This free app connects to your bank account and allows you to transfer payments straight from a mobile device over a secure and safe network. With the ability to insert a personalized message with the payment or notify vendors of an amount they owe, Venmo makes life a lot easier for professionals conducting their business on the road.

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