5 Game-Changing 2015 Marketing Trends For Your Business

2015 marketing trends

These days, technology innovates constantly, brands evolve continuously, and consumers’ demands change before your very eyes. You need to stay on top of emerging marketing trends to ensure that your message is relevant, effective, and heard in the new year.

Here are Hawthorn’s five biggest 2015 marketing trends.

Fact, Not Fiction

Storytelling was a big buzzword in 2014, and it’s not going anywhere in the coming year. Consumers have come to expect stories, and so the authenticity of your story, the consistency of your voice, and how they align with the emotional values of your brand will be key. Brands that choose true transparency and show their consumers what they’re all about will outshine those who make up a story that they think the consumer wants to hear.

Loving Local

The localvore movement turned consumers’ attention to locally sourced products and brands, and that should snowball in the coming year. Marketing efforts will become more regionalized, more localized, and more personalized. Consumers want and expect a more tailored experience. Jay Baer of Convince & Convert predicts that 2015 will be “the year of cooperative content.” What does that mean? “The best source of content in most companies may be right under your nose: your employees and customers.” Think hyperlocal.

Technology & Trust

Industry experts predict a rise in analytics, “data naturals,”  “marketing technologists,” and the increased use of data to deliver targeted messages and information. While the consumer desire for individuality increases, so do their wariness of big data and their fear of sharing private information. The most successful companies of 2015 will not only know how to use data to benefit their customers, but also how to safeguard that information in order to preserve a positive and trusting relationship with their clients.

Experience Is Everything

Customer experience will be what separates the best and the brightest of 2015, according to Laura Schwab, marketing director at Land Rover. In retail, users expect an easy, high-tech shopping experience. Across the board, companies are spending more on user experience and emphasizing customer feedback and support. The guest who can easily make a hotel reservation from their phone, receive a text when their room is ready, and open the door to customized toiletry options goes home happier having had a seamless travel experience.

Move to Mobile

Mobile device usage continues to grow, and so is the use of near field communications. Spending for mobile ads will increase in 2015 as the mobile platform allows marketers to reach consumers throughout the day on the go. A mobile optimized website allows for reformatted content, larger navigation buttons, and optimized images so that users can navigate your mobile site with the same ease that they could the desktop version.

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