Wedding Venues: What to Post on Each Social Network

Social media is likely already part of your wedding venue marketing strategy – but if you’re posting the same things across platforms, you’re doing it wrong.


Think of the major social media channels as TV networks: NBC, Disney, MTV, TLC…you get the idea. Those channels have different audiences to cater to and different tones in programming. You couldn’t just take a successful Disney program and drop it into MTV’s schedule and expect it to flourish. Social media marketing for wedding venues is no different. While you may have some success cross-posting across the social networks, to get ahead in your wedding venue marketing efforts, you’re better off customizing your storytelling natively for those individual platforms. Here, we describe what kind of posts work best on which platforms.


Facebook is cross-generational, so remember that it’s not just the bride-to-be seeing your post – it’s her grandmother, too. As long as you have couples’ permission, you should post congratulatory photos of each wedding and tag the married couple to leverage the attention of their friends. But the photos should really show off your venue, not be close-ups of the couple. The objective is to give people a peek at what it’s like to get married at your venue.

Go-to post: Give people a glimpse of what it’s like to get married at your venue and tag the married couple in congratulatory photos to leverage the attention of friends and family.


Your Instagram should have carefully composed photos of the wedding venue from every angle – featuring all the best parts of the venue, through different seasons, different times of day, and with different weather. Unlike Facebook, posting photos to Instagram should be limited to once per day. Over the past few months, Instagram rolled out the ability to add multiple photos to one post, giving you the option to share several photos in a single post and avoid clogging up followers’ feeds. Instagram doesn’t have a News Feed like Facebook does, so tagging the couple is not important here – the couples’ friends won’t see your post unless they already follow you.

Go-to post: Share beautifully shot photos and videos of your venue. Ideally, they will have at least a dash of eye-popping color that’ll cause Instagrammers to slow down in their swiping and perhaps earn you more likes. Also: consider playing with the filters and give it a common aesthetic with the other photos in your photo grid.

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This may surprise you, but it’s our opinion that you shouldn’t tell any stories on Snapchat. At all. Snapchat is notoriously unfriendly to influencers and business accounts. The entire service is built around the idea of friend-to-friend communication. So what can you do instead? Let your guests tell stories for you by investing in Custom Snapchat Geofilters. Make no mistake, Snapchat remains an important part of your social strategy, but trying to build a following here would mean spending time that would be better allocated toward Facebook or Instagram.

Go-to post: Show off your venue in the most authentic way possible: through the eyes (and snaps) of the wedding guests themselves. Build a fun, Custom Snapchat Geofilter honoring the bride and groom for their guests to use in their own snaps.


Pinterest is not a place to share photos of the happy couple or guests. In fact, a study done by Curalate shows that photos without faces receive 23 percent more repins. This is the place to highlight the elements and details like lighting, centerpieces, and the other vendor and venue details that made each wedding shine. The images should be clear and crisp and be identifiable as thumbnails, too, since that’s how they’ll be presented on Pinterest in certain views. Contribute to others’ collections and develop your own, and most importantly, always make sure you load images to your site and pin from there (as opposed to posting them natively to Pinterest) so that you get traffic from this platform, not just “likes.” Pinterest is where wedding daydreaming often begins – make it easy for soon-to-be brides (and grooms!) to discover your venue when they click a pin they like.

Go-to post: Capture prospective brides’ attention via longtail keywords by pinning photos that focus on the details that make weddings at your venue unique and beautiful. (For example: “lantern wedding centerpieces,” rather than just “centerpieces.”)

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