Is Your Wedding Venue Nailing Your Marketing? Use This Scorecard to Find Out

hawthorn creative hospitality marketing Is Your Wedding Venue Nailing Your Marketing Use This Scorecard to Find Out feature

Are you confident that you’re doing enough with your wedding venue marketing? We thought through the whole process – from that moment just before the newly engaged couple finds you to the point after the vows have been said, the cake has been cut, and the wedding is over – and took a go at giving you a scorecard to vet your current marketing efforts. You’ll see we reference some of our own products and services throughout and link to some of our other blog posts, but the main goal is to help you take stock of what you’re doing now. It may be particularly helpful as you prepare for peak engagement season. Simply check the items as you go through and tally your score at the end.

Before the Couple Finds You

The question was just popped and the couple may not know what they want yet (some will!) – but they’re looking. This is before they zero in on any one venue, and you’re simply one of many that they’re scrolling through. So, how do you get them to stop and notice you?

___ Optimized presence on wedding websites such as The Knot, WeddingWire, and Here Comes the Guide (12 points)
___ Social media ads targeting the newly engaged (8 points)
___ PR and a presence in bridal mags (5 points)
___ Print collateral for handing out at wedding expos (5 points)
___ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (5 points)
___ Google Ad Campaigns (2 points)

Once the Couple Has Found You

The couple has started to focus on just a small handful of venues. As they take a closer look at your online presence, you have to be ready – whether they’re browsing via phone or laptop, for a few seconds or 20 minutes.

___ An easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly website filled with gorgeous imagery (15 points)
___ Strong social media presence (10 points)
___ Content marketing including real wedding blog posts, videos, etc. (5 points)
___ Retargeting ads (4 points)

During and After the Venue Tour

You have the couple in the door – but soon they’ll walk out and be on their way. Venue tours are valuable, but it’s what the couple takes away with them that will give you a little foothold in their life as they make their decision.

___ Event Brochure (13 points)
___ Email Outreach (5 points)
___ Menus, Proposals & Other Print Collateral (3 points)
___ E-brochure (2 points)

During and After the Wedding

Aside from your wedding venue looking spectacular for your couples’ guests, you can also make sure the couples’ guests’ friends see what all the fuss is about. The key here is to have a system for enlisting couples to help spread the word about your venue.

___ Wedding website reviews (3 points)
___ Social media posts, reviews, and tagging (2 points)
___ Custom Snapchat Geofilters (1 point)

Tally Your Venue’s Marketing Score

Altogether, these tactics total 100 points. What’s your score? Do you feel like you’re doing enough? Let us know if we can help you.


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