The Top 3 Things Couples Expect from Your Wedding Venue’s Website

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With 80% of wedding planning taking place online, your website plays a major role in whether you deliver the right first impression to the nearly 2.5 million couples (mostly millennials) who get engaged each year. More importantly, your website can make or break your chances of couples taking the next step to tour your event space and ultimately book with you.

Problem is, nailing down exactly what the millennial generation of digital natives expect and want to see and do on your website can be a challenge. Millennials say they’re 72% more likely to inquire about touring a property if they can preview details on a website such as pricing, packages, menus, and capacity. But how much is too much? What are the essentials – and what’s likely to be a turn-off? In this 6-minute video, Hawthorn Creative’s CEO, Jessica Kaiser, reveals three actionable items that make a big impact on making your website the lead generator you need it to be.

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