Project Profile: Noble House Magazine

If you want to dream about your next vacation, visit Noble House Hotels & Resorts. Or, as they like to say as a longstanding client of ours, dive into their brand-wide custom magazine.

The Client

As one of the top hotel management companies in North America, Noble House manages 18 four-star, luxury resorts in the US, each one situated in a unique location that lets their guests truly get out and embrace the destinations. Take, for example, Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, constantly ranked among the top hotels in the world, found on its own island halfway down the Florida Keys and accessible only by boat or seaplane.

The Project

Noble House has been working closely with Hawthorn Creative on their brand-wide custom magazine since 2008. For a hotel brand driven by design and a sense of exploration, the pages are filled with beautiful, deep dives into their destinations and the pursuit of travel. For those who work on the project here at Hawthorn, it’s always a fun one that lets us get more creative, pursue our own passions, and show off our top design work. Like several of our clients, the magazine was a launching point for more work with us, such as the Little Palm Island cookbook and a digital content website currently in production.

The Results

The content in the magazine has been drawing the attention of guests and effectively cross-promoting properties for years, and as a result, Noble House has seen larger distribution, larger magazines, and increased advertising revenue year-over-year.

To see the digital version of Noble House’s magazine, click here.

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