How to Vet a Top Web Design Agency: 6 Vital Questions

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Who are some of the agency’s previous clients? How will they measure the success of your website? Are they full-service (meaning well-versed in doing all things website-related – not just design, but writing content that is on-brand and primed for SEO, knowledgeable in SEM, etc.)? These are just a handful of the most important questions you should be asking of a web agency when considering handing them the reigns to your website.

“I’ve heard this same story from too many of our clients, where, when working with a previous developer or agency, they paid an arm and a leg for a new website, only to have to start all over again with a new agency a year later because they just weren’t seeing high enough conversion rates,” says Ally Cardello, Hawthorn Creative’s web strategist who has spent the last decade studying how different consumers journey through company websites and how to design that experience into one that turns visitors into customers. “That’s why it’s so critical to be vetting them before putting your trust – and your future business – into their hands.”

But what are the right questions to ask? We only listed a few above, but there are several key additional ones – and subsequent follow-up questions – that you should be bringing to the table. To hear Ally’s personal insight into the rest, follow the link below to download our latest e-book: “6 Essential Questions to Vet a Website Design Agency.”

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6 Essential Questions to Vet a Website Design Agency

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