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We’ve all seen hotel and resort videos like this: they start with sweeping drone footage of the property and then move into some empty rooms and interiors. They might include some shots of property features like the pool or spa. If you’re lucky, you might see a few people at the bar or eating dinner, but the primary focus isn’t on the guest experience; it’s on the amenities. No matter how expensive the shoot, no matter how beautiful the scenery, these videos all have one thing in common—they don’t inspire action. If your destination marketing video isn’t telling a story and sharing the experience of staying at your property, then it was a waste of money. Because, when it comes down to it, travelers aren’t buying a stay at your hotel—they’re buying an experience in your destination. Your video content needs to sell that experience.

When we set out to create a video for the stunning Wentworth by the Sea, a Marriott Hotel & Spa in New Castle, NH, we knew we wanted to break the mold. We were determined to challenge the status quo and create a resort marketing video that not only highlighted this elegant New England resort and spa, but also showcased the experience guests could expect from their stay. Most marketing videos in the hospitality industry focus on what they want travelers to see or know about their property. Instead, we always ask ourselves and our clients “what do we want our prospective guests to feel?” From there, we can tell the kind of story that will evoke those emotions and resonate deeply with our client’s target audience.


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A stay at the Wentworth is many things to many people. But, the core of the guest experience is moving away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and settling into the storybook atmosphere of this remarkable resort and location. To walk the streets of New Castle is to take a step back in time on the same bricks people have strolled for hundreds of years. To stay at the Wentworth is to reside on a lush peninsula hugged on three sides by the crashing sea. To eat at the resort’s Salt Kitchen & Bar is to taste the bounty of New England with every bite while laughter and conversation echo around the vaulted, muraled ceiling. The slowed pace of life, a warm and authentic welcome, and the joyous memories made with friends and family aren’t things you can see, they are things that you feel. This video not only inspires those emotions in viewers, but encourages them to take the next step and book a stay.


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