5 Medical Aesthetic Website Features That Convert Clients

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As global awareness of wellness and self-care has hit an all-time high, society’s perception of cosmetic procedures as “taboo” has declined, resulting in more and more consumers looking to put their best face forward as they age. That’s great news for the medical aesthetics industry because it means more opportunity for business from clients looking to reap the beauty benefits of the latest and greatest treatments, like dermal fillers, body contouring, and laser hair removal.

But this burgeoning industry also means it’s rife with competition and reaching prospective consumers in a crowded marketplace can seem like a daunting task. This is where your website comes in as one of the tools to help raise your business above the noise. Rather than listing out a litany of services, your website should equip consumers with the information they need to feel comfortable putting their aesthetic future in your hands. Here, using a handful of existing med spa sites as examples, we share a few of the must-have website features to establish your brand as a trusted resource so that clients feel confident – and eager – to click the contact button.

Humanizing the People Behind Your Practice

A page dedicated to introducing your staff helps build trust with potential clients – after all, they likely already feel a bit vulnerable because the mere act of considering a consultation means putting their personal health and beauty under the microscope. So it can ease tension considerably if a client is able to put a face to a name before committing to a visit. Visage Med Spa, a Chicago-based med spa, does that and goes one step beyond by including a special Q&A section with each employee, allowing each of the staff members’ personalities to shine through.

Quality Visuals That Inspire Clients to Act

Inspirational visuals – ones that convey natural and effortless-looking beauty – are key to converting a website visitor into an on-site visitor. A med spa deep in the heart of West Virginia’s Mountaineer Country, Willow Med Spa & Salon boasts a website that expertly integrates inspirational visual elements throughout the user experience, from the links to services on the bottom of the homepage to the “schedule an appointment” subpage. But what really hits it out of the park is the full-screen video at the top of the landing page that takes viewers through a patient’s appointment experience at the spa – from sitting in the waiting room and sipping a glass of wine to meeting with the practitioner, plus quick cuts of the variety of services they offer. The clean, bright footage fits seamlessly into the overall aesthetic of the website and gives visitors a chance to envision what a trip to Willow Med Spa & Salon could mean for them.

A Blog That Positions You as a Valued Resource

As a medical aesthetics spa, you want to establish yourself as a trusted resource for existing and potential clients, and a well-curated blog is a great way to do that. The Med Spa, set in Chicago, features a regularly updated blog on its website, covering everything from informational posts about some of the lesser-known, more complex services they offer, along with helpful posts that speak to home regimen questions like “Skin Exfoliation: Where To Begin?” and “The Benefits of Washing Your Face Multiple Times Per Day.” Their approach to offering up useful content before clients even walk through the door helps establish this med spa as an authority on beauty and wellness – and may even introduce existing clients to a treatment they didn’t know they wanted.

Video as a Teaching & Trust-Building Tool

It’s plain to see that Dr. Sheena Kong Med Spa’s signature selling point is its main practitioner and namesake, Dr. Sheena Kong. She’s not only an MD, but an expert at conveying treatment benefits in a way that’s easy to understand. So this San Francisco practice capitalizes on that by featuring Dr. Kong throughout the med spa’s website through the use of video. From the introductory video, where she establishes her credentials and how her practice operates, to putting her expertise and knowledge on display by breaking down the body contouring Emsculpt system, this med spa uses video as a way to explain complex treatments and develop trust with its patients and prospective clients.

Accolades and Client Endorsements to Impact Buying Decisions

The Flatiron neighborhood of New York City is home to a med spa whose website is truly hitting all the marks. Tracie Martyn rises above the competition with well-written website copy and blog content, high-quality and inspirational beauty visuals, and video content that reinforces the brand’s unique guiding principles. But another unique feature that this med spa’s website does really well is its testimonials, particularly by offering a healthy (not overwhelming) mix of endorsements woven throughout the user experience.

We’re talking reviews from everyday clients to accolades awarded by media outlets, like Coveteur, to direct quotes from a range of celebrities of all ages, like actress Diane Lane, model Karlie Kloss, and fashion house icon Diane von Fürstenberg. Even the online store boasts reviews for each product. Sure, you may not have celebrity patients at your disposal, but you do have loyal clients with valuable feedback to work in as powerful touchpoints throughout your website. Why so important? Because, now more than ever, peer-to-peer testimonials hugely impact consumer buying decisions. Here’s some proof: A 2019 study survey from Wyzowl showed that 95% of people say that reviews (whether positive or negative) influence their purchasing decisions.

If you’re a med spa with a knowledgeable staff, helpful online resources, and rave reviews from existing clients to back up the former, your website has the potential to be one of your most powerful marketing tools. Just remember to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s working for your competitors and businesses in similar industries – wellness centers, beauty salons, etc. As with any other part of your business, it will need to grow and change with the industry.

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