5 Easy Pieces of Evergreen Content for Wedding Venues to Produce

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Wedding venues: when you produce evergreen content, you get value that more than makes up for the time and/or money invested. Think about it – content can be used to feed your SEO, email, landing page, and social strategies, just to name a few. It can also be chopped up (think images with quotes to share via social media) and re-purposed in different forms. The bottom line: content is one of the best marketing investments you can make. With that in mind, we shared five easy pieces of content that any wedding venue can produce.

1. Checklists

No wedding plan is complete without a robust checklist. Checklists bring peace of mind for brides and grooms as they’re able to tick off the many tasks leading up to the big day. They also serve to remind couples about all the things they need to consider. Organize the checklist so that it’s viewable in a blog post format, but also create and link to a public Google Doc version of the checklist that couples may download and manipulate on their own to remove the bits that they don’t need and add anything special that they do need.

2. FAQs

Couples will be full of questions when they begin to consider your venue – and while your website and photos can do a great job helping show off and explain the most important items, there are always more questions to answer. Save your sales team some time by compiling a list of your 15-20 most frequently asked questions and create a post around it. Experiment with putting a link to this post on your weddings page and removing it (instead, only sending the FAQ post to couples far enough down the funnel) to determine whether including the post impacts inbound inquiries. Maybe you’ll find that the added context drives more inquiries – or at least warmer, more carefully considered ones.

3. Ceremony Templates

With non-religious wedding ceremonies on the rise, some couples may be undecided – surprisingly late in the game – about how they want their ceremony to unfold. While some officiants will help with this process, others (like family friends) may not, leaving it up to the couple to dictate the ceremony. Create content around ideas and inspiration for wedding ceremonies, and let couples mix and match the elements that fit with their vision. Even producing a single, catch-all post that links to other websites with popular readings and other resources would bring value to the couples who check out your post.

4. Local Expertise

It’s likely that your couples will have guests arriving from out of town who may have a day or two to explore the area before or after the wedding. Produce content highlighting different things to do – shopping, food and drinks, cultural landmarks, natural attractions – and make it easy for your couples to include the link on their wedding website.

5. Fun, Useful, Stress-Relieving Content

Content marketing for wedding venues can be fun and still align with a sophisticated brand. Think posts like, “How to Decide Whether or Not to Invite those Guests on the Bubble,” “The 5 Little Things to Remember to Do on Your Wedding Day,” or “How to Pick the Right Wedding Vendors.” These posts may point less directly to your venue (though never forget to include a CTA at the end!) but they could give you some SEO authority, feed your marketing channels, and entertain and inform your readers.

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