4 YouTubers Luxury Hotel Marketers Can Learn From

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The word “YouTubers” may conjure images of the loud personalities that teens are glued to every day after school. And it’d probably be tough to convince you that you could improve your hotel marketing strategy by watching them. But that’s exactly what we’re promising here: actionable lessons in the world of hotel content marketing, taken from YouTubers. Here, we highlight one detail about each channel that you should take note of – and maybe even borrow in your own hotel video marketing efforts. (Breathe easy: You don’t actually have to watch them; we did that for you.)

Lesson #1: Be Helpful Like Yuya

Beauty is one of the most popular genres on YouTube, but nobody has succeeded in the space quite like Yuya, who has more than 21 million subscribers who tune in for her weekly makeup, hair, and other beauty tutorials. The videos are informational, entertaining, and inspirational – three ingredients that explain her meteoric rise. She’s genuinely helpful, but not in an academic way. The videos are conversational; you feel like you’re hanging out with and picking up pointers from a stylish friend.

Takeaway for Luxury Hotel Marketers: Chances are, you have people on-property who are experts in something, whether it’s food, drink, gardening – whatever. Find the right “star” to help you create short, simple, engaging videos to teach one-off lessons. They don’t have to be perfect. In fact, that’s part of the draw of YouTube: the little imperfections that remind the viewer that the people on-screen are human, and have a little room to show their personality along with their expertise. You can’t control whether viewers find your videos funny or cool, but you can control how helpful they are and how much value you’re bringing.

Lesson #2: Be Enthusiastic Like Dude Perfect

If you have an 11-year-old son, chances are you’ve heard of Dude Perfect. For the uninitiated, Dude Perfect is a sports entertainment channel started by a group of friends who made their mark with “trick shot” videos, in which they make long basketball (or Frisbee, or football…) shots over obstacles, from extreme distances, etc. Aside from the impressiveness of the athletic feats themselves, the channel built a following because of the group’s enthusiasm. The cheers, high-fives, fist pumps, and cartwheels that come from succeeding – that’s what make the videos infectious. The satisfaction you get watching Dude Perfect’s videos doesn’t just come from seeing the shots go in – you know they’re going in – but from seeing those over-the-top reactions.

Takeaway for Luxury Hotel Marketers: Not everyone has the charisma to succeed on video. Maybe audio (podcasts) or the written word (blogs) are better suited to your talents. The people who light up a room in person aren’t guaranteed to do well on camera, just as you shouldn’t necessarily write off the introverts on your team because you think they won’t connect with viewers. Whoever is starring in your videos must have a natural enthusiasm. Otherwise, who will watch?

Lesson #3: Be Consistent Like Jake Paul

He may be many parents’ nightmare, but Jake Paul is doing something right: he’s remarkably consistent. As a vlogger (short for video blogger), Jake uploads videos several times a week about his life. His legions of followers watch them by the millions, giving his channel numbers comparable to network television shows. There are plenty of other reasons for his success, but Jake’s consistency gives his followers something new to share with their networks every few days, and means that his channel is treated more favorably by the YouTube algorithm. The consistency also sets the expectation for his followers, so they know when to tune in next.

Takeaway for Luxury Hotel Marketers: Consistency is a good rule of thumb, regardless of medium – email newsletter, on-property schedule of activities, etc. – but we know that it can be tough to generate video ideas on a regular basis. “Regular basis” for Jake means every few days, but for you it could mean every week, or even every month. They don’t have to be big productions, either – it’s easier to document (as Jake does with his vlogs) rather than purposefully create. Why not experiment with live video? On Facebook and Instagram, it’s as easy as hitting a button to start broadcasting to your followers.

Lesson #4: (Polished) Rawness Like Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is one of YouTube’s most well-regarded creators. He has oscillated between making insanely successful one-off videos (like this particularly memorable one, in which he snowboarded with the NYPD during a snowstorm) and a daily vlog, chronicling the building of his startups. His videos have running themes and storylines, but they’re also self-contained stories in themselves, with beginnings, middles, and ends. While he’s developed a gorgeous signature aesthetic for his videos, they’re also peppered with raw moments of him saying (or starting to say) the wrong thing, the camera dropping, and other small missteps. Rather than detract from the story, these things add to it – because they remind you that this is a real person, living a real life.

Takeaway for Luxury Hotel Marketers: Those authentic little moments in video when things go a little off script aren’t liabilities – they’re assets. In today’s media landscape where “authenticity” reigns, not every video you publish has to be super polished, even if you’re marketing a luxury hotel. Showing off your resort’s true identity may be what people will value most, and formats like point-of-view videos or live video on social are natural spots where you can – and should – be less polished.

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