Marketing Essentials that Medical Aesthetic Suppliers Need to Be Providing Clients

4 Key Marketing Essentials that Medical Aesthetic Suppliers Need to Be Supplying their Clients

As a medical aesthetic supplier, we know you develop the latest and greatest in medical aesthetic products or devices – whether that’s a skincare solution, a device, or some other technology altogether. But do the would-be consumers of that product – meaning the patients of the practices that purchase your product – know this, as well? They likely won’t or, at the very least, would certainly struggle to understand it.

That’s because so many medical aesthetic practices – your clients – don’t have the time, nor know-how, to create an in-house marketing plan that effectively leverages interest and educates their own targeted consumers about your unique product or technology. So how do you expect them to feel confident about selling your product, let alone want to make the purchase investment in it, to begin with?

You need to craft and hand them a turn-key solid marketing strategy that pairs with your product. No, we don’t mean a meager selling script. We’re talking about a multi-faceted results-driven digital marketing package that incorporates content marketing, social media marketing, and paid Google ad campaigns. Do this, and it won’t just make buying your product more of a worthy investment for them, it also helps to earn their repeat business as you add more inventory or newer models to your own line.

A Common Marketing Misstep They’re Missing That You Can Leverage

On average, 66% of medical aesthetic revenue comes from existing customers: Customers book a specific service, then learn about additional services or products during their visit through a personal consultation and promotional material.

The problem is, most practices rely on upselling customers once they’ve arrived for their treatment. This can make customers feel like they’re being “sold on the spot.” But with the right marketing strategy, practices can reach and educate customers off-site – in the form of blog posts, email marketing, and social media – while positioning themselves as a trusted source to help guide buying decisions related to your product, device, or technology.

The Solutions You Should Be Providing to Sell Them (&, Therefore, Their Prospective Patients)

It depends on your client’s unique needs, but here is a roundup of the core collection of solutions you should be offering to empower your client after the purchase of your product or medical device.

    1. Blog Content

Whether your client is a plastic surgeon or a med-spa or offering some combination of similar services, their prospective patients look to them to be a trusted interpreter to digest and distill the latest trends for them. When they receive this information, it’s precisely what makes them loyal to that practice and trust them with whatever their future aesthetic treatment plan may hold. 

So how do you help your client through that process? You arm them with a series of high-quality blog posts to help beef up their blog presence with content around your unique product. Learn more about how to build a digital marketing strategy in our blog post Content & Email Strategy for Med Spas: Part 1 – Content. And as a bonus for your client, regular blog posts primed with keywords also drive potential new patients to your clients’ websites – meaning consumers organically find their website when searching for content about your devices or products. Posting new and frequent content also boosts your clients’ Google website rankings.


Take Their Content Strategy into the Stratosphere

Content marketing is the engine powering all of your client’s digital channels – without it, they’re going nowhere

Create Content That Compels Action

    2. Email Marketing

The two most effective ways for practices to communicate with existing customers outside their offices is through email and social media. But get this: 48% of consumers prefer to interact with brands via email with conversion rates being three times higher than social media. Therefore, you need to be working with your client to create a solid email marketing strategy build around your product or device. Learn more about developing an attractive, on-brand vehicle that chauffeurs this information straight to their inboxes in our post, Content & Email Strategy for Med Spas: Part 2 – Email.

   3. Social Media

While the average American spends almost two hours a day engaging with social media, many practitioners see it as a confusing landscape and are uncertain about the most effective strategy. For that reason, they’d be all the more confident when buying your product if you can equip them with all the social assets they need: creative, copy, and targeting. But we’re not just talking assets that promote the blog posts around your product, nor general materials to help your client regularly promote your product in a savvy social format – although, these are very important. We also mean paid social campaigns that let them hone in on specific audiences to deploy a series of ads that put the treatment or procedure that utilizes your product right in front of them.

    4. Paid Google Ads

Last month there were 554,000 Google searches for “Botox,” 146,000 for “hydra facials,” and 21,000 for “body contouring.” Imagine if you could help your client capture just 2% of this audience? That would bring 14,000 potential customers straight to your client’s website.

While SEO is a long-term game to move websites up in the ranks, paid Google campaigns advertising your product will rocket your client’s website to the top of page-one search results, streamlining their consumers’ paths to conversion. Pair this with a low-cost, high-impact retargeting campaign, and they can expect new customers through Google search each and every month.

Does all the above sound great, but you’re not sure how to put it into action (nor have the time)?

As a full-service marketing agency, Hawthorn Creative manages the marketing plans for various medical aesthetic practices, with proven results that you can check out on our case studies page. And we’re here to help you do the same – just drop us a line any time.


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