Peak Season Social Media Advertising

With 74% of vacationers using social media to check in and plan as they go, social media advertising is your #1 way to capture their attention. Our social strategists will design a campaign on Facebook and Instagram that advertises your business to every person who steps foot in your local market. This means you reach every traveler on social from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.

All Campaigns Include

Fine-Tuned Targeting

We'll dial in the audience targeting to the specific types of visitors you're looking to reach on Facebook and Instagram – and exclude locals or other audiences, if desired.

Ad Creation & Updates

Our team of creative and social media experts will select photos and craft copy based on the characteristics of your audience, your messaging goals, and best practices.

Launch & Management

Once we’ve done the initial setup, the house is built. We launch and run the campaign end to end, making any necessary adjustments to targeting and creative.


We'll host a brief phone call with you two times during your active ad campaign to report on results and key observations and answer any questions you might have.


Total Cost for Four Months of Live Ads: $2,970


One-Time Campaign Setup & Launch
Includes ad targeting, creation, and deployment plus Facebook Business Manager account setup.

$720 + $1,200 ad spend*

Four Months of Ad Management & Reporting
Includes campaign launch, management, and two reporting calls.

*Minimum $300/month paid directly to Facebook.

Easily Extend or Restart Your Campaign

Extending beyond 4 months or restarting your ad campaign down the line is usually quick and easy. If adjustments to your ad creative and targeting are minimal, we can turn your campaign back on with a week’s notice. Or if you’re looking to make more substantial tweaks based on season changes or other factors, we can customize your ad creative, messaging, and targeting to fit your current business needs.

What Types of Businesses Benefit from Social Media Ads?

Any business that’s looking to attract tourists to their doorstep is a great candidate for social media advertising – especially during peak tourist season.



Tourist Attractions

Real Estate Agencies

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