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“We are really excited. Thanks to Hawthorn for all of your hard work and patience. It was fun to work with you on our new website!”

— Karen Steele, Twenty Mile House

The Before & After Metrics Speak for Themselves


20 Leads in 24 Hours

Within 24 hours of launching their new website and digital campaign strategy, Twenty Mile House received 20 qualified leads in December 2020 when most wedding and event venues’ inquiries were flatlining due to the pandemic.


837% ROI

In the first 7 months, our paid social and search campaigns resulted in 1,217 brochure downloads and contact form submissions. Twenty Mile House booked ~$150k in revenue with a $16k ad spend.


15.65% Conversion Rate

Twenty Mile House’s geo-targeted Google Ad Campaigns were also highly successful with 15.65% of clicks converting into leads. This is a whopping 291.25% higher than the industry average conversion rate of 2-4%.

A website built to convert

Using their stunning new brand identity as a jumping off point, Hawthorn built a Squarespace website that wasn’t just beautiful, but powerful, too. Through strategic storytelling, captivating Calls to Action, and gated content marketing, Twenty Mile House’s site quickly became one of our top-converting websites of all time. In fact, we’re still brushing our shoulders off.

We took users on a tour of what their wedding day would be like, highlighting each of the spaces and natural beauty that make this property so unique.
We pulled in the California sky blue from our logo design for a clean, luxury accent that was sure to capture attention and drive conversions.

A beautiful event brochure and pricing guide

Twenty Mile House’s team members were dedicated collateral DIY’ers. However, with a stunning new brand identity, they knew they needed to call in the professionals to take their print and digital collateral to the next level. PDFs and Word Docs just weren’t going to cut it anymore! Together, we worked to create a pricing guide and brochure that walked prospects through the experience and presented their packages and pricing in a streamlined, scannable way.

Lush imagery and a clean, soft palette make this brochure especially elegant.
The editorial text styles lent a sophisticated style to every spread of this brochure.
A targeted newly engaged paid social campaign featuring captivating imagery and copy launched after the new site launched.
These strategic campaigns on Facebook and Instagram ensured Twenty Mile House was top of mind right in the swing of engagement season.

Search engine marketing

Similarly to paid social, Twenty Mile House ran paid search campaigns with Hawthorn before their new website went live and saw strong performance. By targeting more affluent zip codes, we were able to combine both geographic and demographic information to power campaign success. By promoting their gated pricing brochure and nurturing those leads via custom email drip campaigns, prospects were transformed into bookings within a few weeks.

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