Winery & Vineyard Marketing Solutions

Uncork a winning solution to your winery’s marketing goals

Much like the wines they produce, each winery has its own unique blend of people, place, history, and mission. Pulling your story together in an authentic, meaningful way and crafting a marketing plan that drives the type of business you want most is the Holy Grail of winery marketing. And while we hate to brag, it also happens to be a special talent of ours.

We work with wineries of all sizes and stages on websites and the full range of digital and print marketing solutions they require. Whatever your focus – wine club, tasting room, events, private tastings, e-commerce, or all of the above – our marketing strategists and creative specialists have you covered. Give us a shout when you’re ready to chat about your marketing and pull your plan together.

“Hawthorn created the most stunning new website for us. Our Google Analytics proves that the redesign was more than worth the investment.”

–Lauren Middledorf, Bluemont Vineyard



Brand & Digital Strategies for Awareness

To stand out in a rapidly growing field of players, it’s essential to have branding and collateral that makes a great first impression and solid top-of-funnel social and search marketing strategies. We can help you reach wine enthusiasts through intelligent messaging, creative visuals, and compelling offers.


A Powerful, Optimized Content & Website

As the hub of your marketing, your website is front and center at every stage of the wine lover’s journey. We’re making our mark in the winery world with our ability to capture each client’s unique story and create a look and feel that’s all their own.


Collateral & Emails that Connect

When it comes to putting your best foot forward in your tasting room and on the shelf, polished, beautiful collateral matters. From brochures to labels (and everything in between), our design team has you covered. And with our strategic, eye-catching emails, you’ll have the tools you need to keep in touch with prospects and customers.

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