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Here’s the important truth: Leisure travelers first decide where to go, then decide where to stay. That’s why you need to establish your resort not just as the ideal place to lay their heads but as a highly valuable resource that can help them maximize their experience in the destination. Our suite of marketing solutions features engaging destination-driven design and content that ignite travelers’ wanderlust . . . then capture their business. Take a look at the full lineup of marketing solutions we can help build out to engage, acquire, and retain customers for your brand. Then let us know when you’re ready to talk.

Content Marketing

Content is the heart of your marketing, feeding your website, print, and digital channels. Vibrant stories and visuals give a voice and personality to the special places, people, and history of your area. Our team will plan and create any type of content from blog posts, articles, and infographics to interactive quizzes and videos to distribute through your website, email, social media, print guides, collateral, etc. We can also cover any ongoing content management you might require.

Websites & Blogs

Travelers pick a destination first, and a hotel next. So a property-centric website devoted to booking rooms doesn’t cut it. Your website & blog must curate a travel experience within your destination(s) through content and visuals – all branded for your hotel. It’s the spark that captures travelers’ awareness, nurtures engagement, and drives them to your doorstep.

Social Media Strategy

You can no longer rely on an engaging website to be the sole online presence to promote your unique destinations and hotels. We give social channels a highly visual makeover, then develop on-brand strategies to drive ongoing, engaging content that’s layered with links to the places you want people to click most.

Custom Magazines

What if you had 20 minutes to talk to every guest? Now you do. With your custom-branded hotel magazine, we’ll craft content that engages your readers, delivers on your marketing goals, and reinforces your brand voice. Even better, the cost of the project may be subsidized by advertisements from strategic brands and partners. Our team of creative minds will source ideas, write copy, design proofs, and deliver it all to your doorstep in both print and digital formats.

Brand Collateral

Bringing a destination into living color for both hotels and area organizations is what we do best. From hotel rack cards and key packets to spa collateral, restaurant menus, and more, our team will create a cohesive package that captures attention – and holds it – throughout every point in the guest experience.

“From the very beginning, we knew Hawthorn Creative was going to be a great partner for 360 Destination Group. They assisted us in defining clear-cut goals and projects, which we are tackling one by one. They are organized, creative, professional, and they make working with them easy. We are especially proud of our newly designed website, which we feel separates us from our competitors in style, layout, and content.”


– Shelly Archer, Partner, 360 Destination Group

Email Marketing

Are your emails good enough that you wouldn’t delete them from your own inbox? Email marketing is a critical part of the content ecosystem, as well as your fastest route from conversation to commerce. But the look, tone, and content will make or break your success—and let’s not forget about the precise science of crafting the perfect subject line to max out your open rate. Our digital team is here to deliver. From creating custom email templates and content-rich campaigns to analyzing results and managing ongoing strategy, we have you covered.

Event Marketing

Weddings, social events, and corporate events play at big role at most hotels and resorts. From print and digital brochures to corporate meetings & events collateral, sure to check out our solutions for wedding and event venues and see for yourself why event marketing has been our bread and butter since 2001.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search is a mountain with no clear path to the top – unless you’ve got the right guide. Scale the rankings with our organic and paid search engine strategies, combined with up-to-the-minute expertise and analytics for Google’s ever-changing algorithms. We know SEO sounds daunting. Lucky for you, you’ve got a team of digital marketing experts that can help. We offer SEO services as basic as website review and consultation to as advanced as full optimization strategies and hands-on monthly management.

Coffee Table Books

Whether it’s highlighting a banner resort anniversary year, a major event, or a unique aspect of your hotel, a custom coffee table book doubles as fresh marketing material with an extended shelf life and a sentimental take-home for guests. You can even sell your book in your resort’s gift shops to generate profits from the project.

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