Free E-book: The Complete Content Marketing Roadmap for Hotels

Here’s why and how you don’t need to compete on price

W hen it really comes down to it, today’s travelers aren’t basing their vacation decisions on price first and foremost. In this age of the experience economy, everyone from Gen Z to baby boomers is placing a lot more emphasis on what they’ll do, see, taste, feel, etc. on their next vacation than on what it will cost them.

This shift means that hotels and hospitality management companies have a leg up on the OTAs if they can bring the experiences they offer to life and capture the imagination and interest of travelers. The secret to accomplishing that? You guessed it: content marketing.

This free e-book, The Complete Content Marketing Roadmap for Hotels, covers the steps, common pitfalls, examples, and tools you’ll need to build out a solid content marketing strategy to connect with your target audience and convert them to guests. Complete the form on this page to download your copy.

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