Brand Collateral

As the saying goes, it takes more than the hat to be a cowboy. Similarly, it takes more than a pretty logo to craft a brand. Branding is about cultivating a set of values, experiences, and stories that a consumer can consistently count on from a brand. When your branding breaks through consumer indifference to resonate with your target audience, you build lifelong brand enthusiasts who become your most effective ambassadors. Hawthorn Creative has an expert team of brand strategists and designers who will weave together design, storytelling, and visuals to produce marketing collateral that will showcase your brand, in a way that a basic brochure simply cannot. Let us tell your brand story – it’s a good one.

“Hawthorn Creative is the best marketing company we have ever worked with. We originally began with a small vision: to redo our pricing package. After seeing their breathtaking design and finished product, we launched a complete re-branding of our entire marketing platform. We will continue to work with Hawthorn for years to come, knowing that we will always be in the best hands.”


– Kristen Lloyd, Director of Operations, The Terrace Club

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