Coffee Table Books

What do your guests want to take home with them? A collection of stunning photography showcasing their favorite vacation spot? Or maybe a cookbook curated by your renowned chef. Whether it’s highlighting a resort anniversary year, a major event, or a stunning photo essay of your destination, a custom coffee table book doubles as fresh marketing material with an extended shelf life and a sentimental take-home for guests. Several hotels sell their books online and in their gift shops to generate profits from the project.

“One beautiful, sunny summer morning, I was sitting out in front of my gallery enjoying a cup of coffee when a couple of cars drove by. I noticed that both cars, one right after the other, had dogs sticking their heads out the window. The dogs just looked so happy, and I remembered how dogs I’ve had throughout my life loved doing this. It was wonderful to see them in such a blissful state. I began to ride along with some friends and their dogs and took some photos. After my first shoot, I knew I had a wonderful concept for a book.”


– Chris Becker, Photographer

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