Does your website’s structure or navigation limit your ability to highlight the very best your venue has to offer for weddings and special events? A OneSite is a digital upgrade for your Hawthorn-produced Event Brochure, giving you the power to market your venue the way you want to online. We take all the sections and styling of your Hawthorn-produced Event Brochure, plus bride reviews and more photos, then transfer it all into a single, scrollable web page for an incredibly affordable price, thanks to three spots for vendor advertisements that offset some of your costs.

One Page, All Your Venue Details

Everything you need to sell your venue and that you featured in your Event Brochure (plus more photos and bride reviews) will be built into your OneSite and look just as amazing, thanks to Hawthorn’s award-winning design team. Your OneSite gives you the power to market weddings and special events the way you want, rather than being hemmed in by the structure, navigation, or internal power struggles of your overarching website.

An Incredibly Simple Web Solution

Building a site exactly like this from scratch would take up to 50 hours of your time and an investment of $10,000 or more. Because we’re using the approved design, photos, and text of your finalized Hawthorn Event Brochure, this is a much simpler project. Your OneSite can be live within four weeks!

Reach Today’s Brides where They Live

Use the OneSite link in your email communication with prospective couples, in social media, on your overarching website, and beyond. A simple web link gets them to this beautiful, comprehensive web page, and leads them to inquiries through an integrated form. And of course, it’s mobile responsive.


Just like your eBrochure, the OneSite is a subscription good for a year or as long as you are in an active agreement with us for an Event Brochure so that we can give exposure to those vendors who help support your print brochure.

First Issue

  • One- or two-issue Event Brochure contract: $2,750 (If three vendor ads sold: $965)
  • New three-issue Event Brochure contract: $1,785 (If three vendor ads sold: FREE)


Renewal Issue

  • $1,785 (If three vendor ads sold: FREE)

View Template Options

Below are your three options for web templates, which we’ll then customize based on your Hawthorn Event Brochure’s fonts, colors, and photos. Each OneSite will look completely unique, reflective of your custom Event Brochure.

Having a hard time picturing how your OneSite will translate from your Event Brochure? See the sample venue’s Event Brochure here.


Clean navigation and wide margins create large negative spaces around centrally located content.

Key Features
Sticky top navigation Gallery style: small grid Reviews style: rotating section Wide static banner photos introducing each section


A modernist approach with left-aligned content, big color blocks, and wide content filling the screen.

Key Features
Big color blocks Left-aligned text Gallery style: large grid Reviews style: stacked in one section Parallax photo banners between sections


Generally playful, mixing straightforward and contemporary elements from top to bottom.

Key Features
Gallery style: large, multi-sized blocks Stacked text blocks Reviews style: separate banners Static photo banners between sections Location map at bottom

Having a hard time picturing how your OneSite will translate from your Event Brochure?
Compare this sample venue’s Event Brochure to the templates above.

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