“Newly Engaged” Social Media Ads

Reach new couples right after engagement! Using Facebook’s data, we can target couples who have become engaged in the past three months in your area with Facebook and Instagram ads. Since so many brides live on social media, and so many book their venue and key vendors within this window of the first few months after engagement, it’s a great way to get those couples to the page on your website where inquiries are made!

All campaigns include the following setup & maintenance:

Website ROI & Tracking

We'll review your website with you and recommend best practices for how to see the most transparent ROI for this campaign - and all website inquiries, for that matter.

Fine-Tuned Targeting

We'll dial in the audience targeting specifically for your venue and what we know works to reach qualified newly engaged couples in your area.

Ad Creation & Updates

We know what today's brides respond to, and will select the photos and copy to speak to them with your messages in mind. We'll also make minor adjustments to the ad and targeting mid-month based on its performance.

Monthly Reporting

Each month of the active campaign concludes with a report on results and key observations, plus a brief phone call to review and answer any questions you have.


 Sample results from one client’s first month of the campaign.


Link Clicks
Clicks from the campaign to the recommended page on the client’s website.


Lead Value
Using the client’s defined value of $625 per site-visit inquiry and 15 site-visit inquiries that came from this monthly campaign.


Based on the client’s lead value (left) and $500 monthly ad spend.

Who It’s Right For

Every business looking to find new couples right after they get engaged is a great candidate for this social media ads product.


You know the first buying decision newly engaged couples make is the venue selection. Don't miss that small window of opportunity to reach new clients!


We know what you know: The times have changed - top brides are booking all their vendors within a few months of engagement, not just their venues.


Total Annual Cost for Four Months of Live Ads: $3,195


One-time campaign setup & launch
Includes ad targeting, creation, and deployment, plus recommendations for how to see the most impact on your website.

$1,000 + $1,200 ad spend*

Four months of ad management & reporting
*Min. $300/month paid directly to Facebook.
Add additional months at $250 + ad spend per month.

How It Works

You’ll select four months of the next 12 for your ad to be live. We recommend one live month per quarter to capture all couples who are newly engaged within each three-month window of the year. However, you can select which months you want the ad to be live as you see fit within the 12 months from contract signing. Those months will be selected at the outset of the project. Add more months beyond the original four as you see fit.

Simple Steps to Launch

We run the campaign end to end. We’ll prompt you to connect your Facebook page to our ad manager, have you complete a quick questionnaire to speed up the ad messaging and targeting process, supply photos you’d like to use, and then give you a tracking code to install on your website pages for transparency into the campaign’s ROI.

Turn It Back on Quickly

Once we’ve done the initial setup, the house is built. As long as adjustments to the ad creative and targeting are minimal, we can turn your campaign back on with a week’s notice to take advantage of your peak booking windows or when you have the most time to follow up on inquiries.

Customized to Your Current Market Awareness Needs

Have you booked out your large event spaces and need to fill only your smaller-capacity spaces? Interested in reaching gay couples or brides in a particular feeder market? We can customize the ad creative, messaging, and targeting to fit whatever awareness needs your business has now.

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