Metrics That Matter


75% Increase in Followers on IG in the First 4 Months

The infusion of new followers is largely thanks to a rebooted social presence and consistent posting around specific content pillars.


38,960 Unique Users Reached Via Paid FB & IG Ad Campaigns

This number accounts for just the first four months alone, with users – all within driving distance of the practice – seeing four LaJolie ads on average, which is great for awareness and recognition.


60% of All Website Traffic that Paid Social Accounted For

This percentage is a sample from that same four-month time frame, which put paid social ahead of Google and other traffic sources – demonstrating just how well these campaigns can quickly chauffeur more users to a site.

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“The combined power of syncing organic and paid social media tactics can’t be understated when it came to building regional awareness and brand recognition around what was then a new practice.”

— Matt Lawson, Digital Media Manager

The journey to success


The Challenge

As a newly opened practice, LaJolie Ageless Aesthetics was naturally lacking the local visibility of a more seasoned provider. So, they wanted to build brand awareness fast.


The Approach

Hawthorn rebooted and took over ongoing management of their social presence – first in both their Instagram and Facebook accounts, followed by implementing various paid social media campaigns to put their business right in front of its target consumers.


The Outcome

The end result was an increased visibility of their practice among local consumers, generating more leads and business from new and existing customers.

Organic Social Media Management: Taking the Pressure off the Practice

First, we worked with the client to identify four core content pillars in which to frame engaging posts around (i.e. beauty philosophies in the form of pull quotes, educational as it relates to insider beauty tips tricks, etc.), followed by a total refresh of all Story Highlights icons, account imagery, and descriptions on both the client’s Instagram and Facebook accounts in order to establish a cohesive brand presence. We then deployed three posts and one Story Highlight a week under those brand pillars.

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Paid Social Media: Boosting Brand Awareness – and Business – Fast

To target and build brand awareness with the client’s ideal consumers – and fast – we worked with the client to create one monthly campaign based on their goals, target audience, and KPIs. That included developing the creative and campaign copy, defining the audience in the platforms, as well as overseeing all ad expenditures (ensuring that the client never paid more than the monthly approved amount), and retargeting. In conjunction with our above organic social media efforts, Hawthorn hosted a bi-monthly performance meeting to provide clarity into the results and propose additional or new strategies to pivot to as needed.

Over the course of four months, our paid ads generated around 1,300 clicks on a LaJolie ad/post.
Within that same four-month time frame, we were able to trace at least nine booked appointments back to social efforts.
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