Our Before-&-After Metrics Never Lie


222% Increase in Organic Traffic

During the months of September & October 2020 over those same months in 2019, a direct result of SEO efforts implemented by Hawthorn.


Blog Content that Engaged Users Longer

New blog content produced by our content team saw users bouncing less, exploring more pages per session, and spending triple the time on-site per overall session.


49% Increase in Contact Us Forms Completed Monthly

Once our website structural improvements were completed, and SEO and blog content plan was a-rollin’, the number of conversions (contact forms) skyrocketed.

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“Unlike other agencies that take a cookie-cutter approach, Hawthorn Creative tailors their marketing strategy according to your personal practice goals.”

— Dr. Anthony J. Wilson, Founder of AW Plastic Surgery & Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

The journey to success


The Challenge

A busy navigation structure and main menu made journeying through the site an overwhelming experience (especially for mobile users), while the absence of blog posting, various broken URLs, and lack of keyword-rich content in title and meta tags made it difficult to find the client’s website via search engines.


The Approach

Hawthorn implemented a series of website updates and optimization efforts to improve the user experience and help them rise up in the rankings in search engines for relevant terms. Our content team also began producing and loading new blog posts on a monthly basis.


The Outcome

The end result was a highly-optimized and much more attractive website with improved UX (user experience), which led to increased traffic, users spending more time on the site, and more “contact us” form submissions than ever.

Website Restructure: Improving the Path to Conversion

After our developers and website strategists took a peek under the hood of the practice’s CMS (content management system), Hawthorn implemented a series of structural updates, including – but hardly limited to – streamlining the sitemap, reworking/simplifying the navigation, various site styling updates (installing a plugin to fix what was a wonky-looking Instagram feed) to make the site look cleaner, and various maintenance items (correcting issues that impacted website speed, fixing errors or broken features).

Shortening and streamlining the busy navigation structure/main menu made journeying through the website much easier for visitors.
By implementing various ongoing SEO efforts, AW Plastic Surgery saw a much-needed boost in SERPs rankings.

Ongoing SEO: Skyrocketing the Site in SERPs

In order to improve the site’s ranking in SERPs (search engine results pages), it needed to be better optimized for web, which meant conducting various audits, like ensuring tracking in Google Analytics was accurate, determining any search engine crawling issues (301 map, URL correction, etc.), reviewing title and meta tags for keyword-rich content, and more. In addition to fixing all the above issues and regularly monitoring them as new content is added, we also host a website performance reporting meeting with the client every other month to provide clarity into their results and key trends.

Content Marketing: High-Quality Blog Posts that Engage Users Longer

Not only does Google’s search engine reward sites with higher SERP rankings when it sees they are adding new and frequent blog content, but blog posts are usually what attracts majority of the website’s traffic (after the homepage, of course). Since AW’s posting had dried up, our content team worked with the client to develop a content calendar of ongoing monthly blog posts that deliver on their marketing goals and messages, while improving how users find the site (thanks to keyword-rich content). We then began interviewing, writing, sourcing all images, and loading this content, which boosted organic traffic, but also showed that users were bouncing less, exploring more pages per session, and spending more time exploring the site when they came in through our specific blog content.

Check out our blog post, What High-Quality Blog Posts that Convert Look Like: AW Plastic Surgery, to hear exactly how we did it.

After entering the site via Hawthorn-produced blog posts, users were engaging and exploring more of the site over longer periods of time than ever before.
That was a result of engaging and keyword-rich content that also featured various in-blog CTAs and additional recommended blog-post reading.
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