Catering Menus & Proposals

Catering menus and proposals need to do more than just list offerings and price points on a page. As critical touch points that go into the hands of your potential consumers, they need to embody the kind of attractive design that makes your clients sit up and take notice.

Here’s What We’ll Do


We’ll review your existing menu or proposal format and provide strategic recommendations for structure, organization, language, and layout.


Our writers can condense, tweak, or completely rewrite content.


Our designers will create a stylized template that is compatible with software utilized by your team: Word, PowerPoint, Adobe, InDesign, Proposify, etc.

The end result is a custom-branded template that your team can edit and update in order to seal the deal.

Menus and Menu Cards

If there is one thing that’s constantly changing, it’s menus and pricing. Whether it’s seasonal updates, a new chef with a different culinary vision, or new package pricing, F&B and event staff are constantly trying to stay on top of updates. But just because your menus are constantly in flux doesn’t mean they can’t be presented with fresh visual style. So discard the old Word docs with centered italic type, and up your presentation with our fully customizable menu and menu card templates. We’ll design your menus and menu cards in any editable software that is utilized by your team: Word, PowerPoint, Adobe, InDesign, Proposify, etc. We’ll then hand you the final files so your team can update as soon as changes occur.


Proposals aren’t just about presenting the right price. Instead, this critical stage is usually your last chance to make the right impression before a deal is won or lost. We understand the importance of a stylized, fully editable proposal letter that is personalized for every prospect. Our strategist, writers, and designers will develop a proposal template that ensures you nail the final presentation every time.

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