Ad-Supported Event Brochures

Showcase your venue with a print and digital event brochure that doesn’t tap your marketing budget. This solution is available to qualified venues that host several events and maintain consistent partnerships with at least 30 preferred vendors. Hawthorn Creative develops custom-branded brochure that showcases your property and event space. We’ll then feature advertisements from your approved event partners in the back portion of the brochure. The revenue achieved from these advertisements offsets all cost to your property.

The Results

  • A stunning print and digital brochure that showcases your property and helps you book more business
  • A visual portfolio of your trusted vendors to ensure seamless events for you and your clients
  • A valuable event planning resource to help guide your clients through every step of the process

Distribution Points

  • Print Brochure: To deliver after the tour, at the bridal expo, or by mail (500 to 1,500 copies, depending on vendor advertising participation).
  • Digital Flipbook: Amplify your online reach by featuring your brochure flipbook on your website and social channels and in your email campaigns.

In one day, our brides may visit 5 different venues. If you get them at the end of the day, they are not even listening to what you’re saying. This is where the brochure really helps. They take it with them and look at it later…ensuring they give us a second look.


– Robert Stapleton, Bellport Country Club

Ad Formats

There are four different ways to feature your event partners in the back half of your brochure.




Enhanced Listing


Is this brochure really free?

Yes. We will design and print a fully customized event brochure for your property free of cost. You simply provide us with a list of at least 30 preferred vendors. Hawthorn’s advertising sales team will invite these vendors to advertise in your brochure. As long as we are able to secure at least $8,000 in ad sales (approximately 12 ads), you’ll receive a print and digital brochure entirely free of cost.

What if we don’t achieve the minimum $8,000 advertising revenue?

Prior to launching ad sales, make sure your staff is on board with the project, because recruiting advertisers is heavily dependent on support for the new marketing partnership you’ve established between your property and vendors. If your vendors know you value the brochure and plan to actively refer your partners, we will more than likely achieve the minimum revenue threshold.

In the event we are unable to achieve the minimum ad threshold, you have three options:

  1. Discontinue the project. We will cancel the contract and refund participating advertisers.
  2. Contribute the difference between the ad revenue and minimum needed to go to press.
  3. Discontinue the project and receive a discounted quote for our creative team to produce a custom-designed brochure without ad support. All participating advertisers will be refunded.

How much of my brochure will be ads?

We always ensure that at least 55% of the brochure is dedicated to showcasing your venue, while the remaining back portion will showcase your event professionals. In addition, there are several different ways to feature your event partners that aren’t strictly in advertisement format. Click here to view the different options.

What if my vendors don’t want to advertise in the brochure?

We use a very respectful sales approach when communicating with your vendors. We understand that we are representing your property and communicating with some of your most trusted partners, and clearly state the benefits of this marketing alliance. In addition, we provide four-month payment plans for any vendor who requires financial assistance. If you have certain highly preferred vendors who decline to advertise, you may want to consider two options:

  1. You can reach out to these individual partners directly and ask them to support the project. As you know, the individuals at your venue work hard to market your property and capture event business every year. This new brochure is one more way in which to increase the quantity and quality of events at your property. Your increased success will translate to more referrals for your preferred partners. When your vendors understand that you’re trying to increase business for everyone, they are often happy to join the effort.
  2. If you feel that a few strategic vendors already go above and beyond to provide you with additional service when needed, you may want to consider paying for or subsidizing a portion of their ad cost.

How much do you charge for ad space?

Ad options range from an eighth page to a full page, with each offering print and digital exposure:

  • An advertisement in your print and digital brochure reaching all of your prospective customers for 12 months.
  • A featured listing on, our wedding planning website, reaching thousands of engaged couples planning a wedding right now.
1/8 page$575
1/4 page$895
1/2 page$1,295
Full page$1,795
Full spread$2,595

How much control do I have over the design of my brochure?

We oversee all of the design, content creation, and delivery of the final product, while you retain creative control from start to finish. We’ll begin your production process with a conference call to discuss the aesthetic vision of your brochure. Once we’ve gathered all photos and copy, we’ll design the first proof for your review and edits. We’ll then provide two more sequential proofs, with an opportunity for one additional round of revisions prior to press.

What’s my role in this process?

Hawthorn Creative’s Role

  • Sell and coordinate all vendor advertisements
  • Manage ad contracts and secure all copyrights and trademarks
  • Offer writing assistance when needed and provide full copy editing services for all submitted content
  • Coordinate all photo submissions from venue-approved photographers
  • Design entire brochure
  • Print brochures and ship to one location
  • Launch eBrochure within two weeks of press date


Your Role

  • Provide a list of at least 30 preferred event partners for potential ad sales
  • Participate in a conference call to discuss aesthetic direction of the brochure
  • Submit copy and photos for venue-specific content (or utilize our copywriting services for a flat fee of $495)
  • Review proofs
  • Distribute brochures for one year following press
  • Actively support and refer the vendors who advertise in your brochure

How long will it take to get my brochure?

You should receive your brochure within approximately six months from the date that we launch ad sales. Expedited timelines may be available upon request.

What other venues do you work with?

Our brochures have elevated the brands of elite event venues around the world, from cultural centers to rustic barns to top international hotels. We are proud to partner with more than 1,000 clients who turn to Hawthorn Creative to effectively market their events. Some of our clients include: Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, The Ritz-Carlton, The New York Public Library, the Newport Mansions, The Broadmoor, Atlanta Botanical Garden, and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Qualify Your Venue

Venues that host several events annually and share a committed partnership with their event vendors qualify for this product. Our Account Executives are available to discuss your qualification criteria. Simply fill out the form below and an Event Marketing Specialist will reach out within one business day.

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