Case Study: Andanté Vineyard

Growing A Website from the Ground Up

Meet Andanté Vineyard

Established not too long ago through a well-planned labor of love, Andanté Vineyard seemed to have all the proper pieces in place. A hardworking, visionary couple at the helm. A talented team behind the scenes. An abundance of natural resources and beauty in their corner of the Willamette Valley, Oregon. What was missing? A website worthy of the winery to attract and share the fruits of their labor with wine enthusiasts near and far.


The dynamic duo behind Andanté, Joe Allen and Karen Saul, realized that their bare-bones website wasn’t doing them any justice. But they were also a bit gun-shy, having previoulsy attempted a website redesign that hadn’t gone according to plan. When Joe and Karen heard about the smooth website redesign another area winery, Ayres Vineyard, experienced with Hawthorn Creative, they connected and clicked with us and quickly got started on creating their dream website.

How We Made It Happen

We were essentially starting from scratch with Andanté’s website. Their existing site was basically one page consisting of a logo and a Facebook link, since the website they had created with a local developer was no longer available.

Brand Strategy

Starting with a blank slate presented Hawthorn with the exciting opportunity to take what they learned from their conversations with Joe and Karen and present ideas and creative elements that reflected the goals, values, and unique essence of the vineyard.

Creative & Content

Weaving together captivating images, design elements, and storytelling, Hawthorn achieved the vibe Andante wanted – showcasing the vineyard’s relaxed tempo and paying homage to the land and the wildlife, right down to the footprints of Andante’s egret mascot.

Strategic Design

With powerful SEO and intuitive navigation, Andanté’s site was built to attract and engage visitors and inspire interactions – from exploring the vineyard and surrounding area to signing up for the wine club to learning more about the proprietors and scheduling a visit.

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