Project Profile: Hermitage Real Estate Guide

A relationship dating back more than 10 years was punctuated with the design of the most recent issue of this print marketing brochure that offered much more than just real estate listings.

Wendy McInnis, Hawthorn’s design and print specialist, had been working with Hermitage Deerfield Valley Real Estate for years, helping them to print their seasonal real estate brochure. She brought the client to Hawthorn when she came on in 2014 and continued to urge them to take advantage of our design services, not just the aggressive print rates she could obtain because of her decades of experience working in the printing industry. Eventually, the client gave us the opportunity – and they were floored with the most recent publication.

The Client

With 150 collective years of real estate experience between a team of eight agents, Hermitage Deerfield Valley Real Estate has positioned itself as the top agency focused on the luxury second-home market in the Haystack/Mount Snow mountain resort community in Southern Vermont since 1994.

The Project

For Hermitage Deerfield Valley Real Estate, a basic brochure limited to just real estate listings just wouldn’t do for its seasonal guide. That’s because they’re appealing to high-end second-home owners who need to be sold on the idea of living in the area, not just a particular house and its features. The print marketing brochure and its companion e-brochure needed to be more of an area lifestyle piece with some magazine elements, as well as a look and feel that spoke to that high caliber of client. Event listings and town introductions gave it that “area magazine” feel, while the design was elevated to a new level.

Our Take

The idea of taking core information and presenting what’s great about a destination in a photo- and design-first format is at the core of what we do in our custom hotel magazine work every day. Designer Josh Edgerly wowed the client with the design overhaul that starts with the full-bleed image that wraps from the front to back cover. But he also used his experience looking for a house himself to refine the visual communication of the real estate listings themselves: “I drew inspiration from my own experiences currently looking at houses and getting annoyed when I need to spend time to look all over the page or website for the price, number of bedrooms/baths, square footage, etcetera. The photo of the house draws you in. Then, I want to know the price. Then, give me the core stats all in one place. If I care to learn more, I can dive into the info underneath the listing.”

The Results

With an updated look that’s much more modern and upscale and content that is user-friendly and equally focused on being a guide to the area as it is real estate listings guide, the client is now armed with the print marketing collateral to meet their clients’ expectations and more (see the project).

Last Thought

Our print marketing work is dominated by the special events and wedding brochures, as well as custom hotel magazines we produce for hundreds of clients each year in the hospitality industry. Yet, it’s very easy for us to translate the same skill sets we use on those projects – top-level design, strategic visual communication, an end-to-end knowledge of the printing industry – for a variety of other print marketing needs. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.

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