A Beginner’s Guide to Analytics for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram

You’ve set up and have begun posting regularly on the “big four” social platforms. But here’s the even bigger question: Is it paying off? Here’s our quick and easy guide to getting started with the analytics tools built into all four.

Facebook Insights

If you’re diligent about posting on Facebook, you’ll find the Insights tab on top of your page to be extremely useful. The Overview gives you a look at your total reach, or number of people who saw your updates in their newsfeeds over the past week and the actual engagement, which can include those clicking on links, liking your posts, or commenting on them.

From there, the Posts tab is the one place to go every single week. It gives you an at-a-glance look at how many people saw each post, shared or liked it, and actually clicked on it. This gives you (or the agency handling your analytics) a good sense of the type of content you should plan to repeat and what topics resonate with your audience.

Twitter Analytics

In the upper-right-hand corner of your Twitter page, you’ll find a small version of your logo. Click that to get to the Analytics drop-down. The insights you’ll glean here aren’t as robust as with Facebook, but you can easily scroll down to see your top-performing Tweet in a given month, your total impressions, and the fluctuation in your followers.

As an added bonus, Twitter will tell you who your most influential new follower is every month, so if you need help spreading your brand gospel, you can forge a relationship with that person or account.

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Pinterest Analytics

On your Pinterest page, click the gear and hit Analytics on the dropdown to get into the stats for Pinterest. Like Facebook, Pinterest will give you plenty of graphs that show performance over time, and it also gives you a quick look at the top boards and pins and how they rank for impressions, clicks, and repins, which can help you craft future content.

If you need to drill in further, you can click into the three separate graphs to get audience insights (country of origin and gender, for example) and so on.

Instagram Analytics

There is no native analytics platform for Instagram just yet, and it’s one of the trickiest platforms to calculate return on investment for. After all, most people aren’t jumping from photos to your website, meaning you have to work a little harder to gain real insight into your best-performing photos.

We like SimplyMeasured, which gives you a snapshot of how many engagements you’re getting, which photos are receiving the greatest number of eyeballs, and how your performance is trending over time.

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